Divisions For 2022 Season

Rule 1.6 outlines how division placement is determined — money-winning teams high to low, followed by high points to low points through Week 14. This is the order used to determine divisions:

  1. Dallas 745 (winnings)
  2. New Chester 300
  3. Mercer 260
  4. Frelinghuysen 250
  5. Chicago 200
  6. Philadelphia 175
  7. Oregon 160
  8. Boxboro 1104.5 (points)
  9. Connecticut 1059.5
  10. Miami 982
  11. Keystone 922.5
  12. Orange County 801
  13. Happy Valley 767.5

Divisions for 2022 will be:

Paterno Division:

Dallas Armadillos
Chicago Mud
Boxboro Blowfish
Miami Muffdivers

Cappelletti Division:

New Chester Thorobreds
Frelinghuysen Froglickers
Big Oregon Bang
Orange County Beach Dudes

Engle Division:

Mercer Mustangs
Philadelphia Griffins
Connecticut Wildcats
Keystone Longfellows
Happy Valley Violence

Regular Draft Order 2022

  1. Orange County (2-11)
  2. Happy Valley (3-10)
  3. Keystone (5-7-1; 922.5 pts)
  4. Miami (5-7-1; 982 pts)
  5. Connecticut (6-6-1)
  6. Boxboro (7-6)
  7. Oregon 160 min. won
  8. Philadelphia 175
  9. Chicago 200
  10. Frelinghuysen 250
  11. Mercer 260
  12. New Chester 300
  13. Dallas 745 (425 + 320)

The regular draft order is defined in Rule 5.2. This applies to all draft picks outside the draft lottery for the first round, and goes from low record to high record of regular season games for non-playoff teams, and low to high for money-winning teams.

2021 Wrap-Up From Nick

For the tenth time in the last 14 seasons (since Sam returned to league ownership), Sam (DAL) and Ron (CTW) (in that order this season) spent the most on transactions.

It had been since 2009, eleven consecutive seasons, sinceZilb (FFL) had a winning record and since won money.  This streak had been the longest.  Dan/Ross (OCD) now have the longest current streak of nine consecutive seasons without a winning record. Eggo (MIA) has the most current streak without getting a year end check at five consecutive seasons.  

Biggest win increase from last season was Dave Z. (FFL) from 4 to 10.  FFL matched a franchise high in wins achieved, twice before 1994 and 1997. The largest win decrease since the past season was Trz&Co. HVV, from 8 wins to 3. This ties a HVV all-time franchise low achieved once before in 1999 when David Lieberman was team owner.

Mike W/Rich S (NCT) have won money and had a winning record for the sixth consecutive season; both the longest such current streaks.  

After achieving the biggest point improvement from league worst 13th to 4th the year before, HVV had the biggest point drop this season back to 13th. 

Despite not making the post-season, MER had biggest increase from 9th to 2nd overall, the first time MER has ever spotted in the top two in total points.

For the second season in a row, not coincidentally our second season with points per reception, we set a record high in average points per game per team at 75.71, up from last seasons’ record high 73.17 and well above the previous season high set in 2018 of 60.72.  Sam’s 1535 total now ranks as second all time behind the 1556 attained by BOX last season’s point champ.  


As always Special thanks to Ying for running the draft and website and to Trz for keeping the weekly Excel spreadsheets


Armadillos Are Points Champion

The Dallas Armadillos have become the first team in league history to win the “Grand Slam” twice — that’s winning BOTH the Fantasy Bowl and the Points Championship in the same year. In our 30 years, 7 teams have won the “Grand Slam” and the 2021 Armadillos are the first team to do it twice — Dallas also captured both championships in 2014.

The Mercer Mustangs — a non-playoff team — captured second place in points, hanging on as both the Blowfish and the Froglickers gained ground … but not enough.

Final points standings (week 18 scores in parentheses):

1. Dallas 1,535 (77)
2. Mercer 1,452 (57.5)
3. Boxboro 1,432.5 (95.5)
4. Frelinghuysen 1,427 (72.5)
5. New Chester 1,369.5 (59.5)
6. Connecticut 1,338.5 (88.5)
7. Oregon 1,331.5 (73.5)
8. Miami 1,269.5 (88)
9. Chicago 1,230.5 (61)
10. Philadelphia 1,226 (100)
11. Keystone 1,145 (80.5)
12. Orange County 996 (75.5)
13. Happy Valley 979 (27)

Armadillos Hang On In A Nail-Biter

In the closest finish of any championship game in league history, the Dallas Armadillos eeked out a one-point win over the New Chester Thorobreds in Fantasy Bowl XXX. The final score: 61.5 to 60.5. We’ve had two previous Fantasy Bowls end with a two-point margin, but this is the only time in memory the outcome wasn’t determined until the final few minutes of the Monday night game.

This was the fourth appearance in the Fantasy Bowl for the Armadillos, and their second win. Dallas’ previous win was in 2014 (85-66 vs. Violence). They lost in 2016 (111-58 to the Mud) and 2013 (117-67 to the Blizzard). This is the fourth Fantasy Bowl title for Sam McClain as a owner/co-owner (he led the LA Riot! to titles in 1993 and 1996).

In a statement released by the team, they have attributed the win to a savvy off-season move: obtaining a new co-owner. The statement said “The Dallas Armadillos would like to thank the newest addition to our management/ownership team, Chris Lieberman, for providing the missing element to our team — luck.”

For the Thorobreds, it was their second appearance in the Fantasy Bowl and their first loss, after winning 93-73 in 2005 over the Big Bang. With such a close game, New Chester fans are left wondering “what if” when seeing 40 points sitting on the bench.

The Froglickers captured third place with a 102-70 win over the Mud, and in the fifth-place game the Griffins easily dispatched the Big Bang 100-74.5.

And here’s another news flash: the points championship is still competitive! The Mercer Mustangs gained another 51 points on the Armadillos and now trail by only 63.5 points going into the final week. A Mercer comeback here would be a huge upset, but the final week can be weird and anything is possible. And if Mercer slips up and scores low, they might not even finish in 2nd.

Top point leaders entering the final week:

1. Armadillos 1458
2. Mustangs 1394.5 (63.5 behind DAL)
3. Froglickers 1354.5 (-103.5; 40 behind MER)
4. Blowfish 1337 (-121; 57.5 behind MER)
5. Thorobreds 1310 (-148; 84.5 behind MER)

Dallas Hanging By A Thread

All eyes will be on “Baby Gronk” — Steelers tight end Pat Freirmuth — as the FFL Championship game hangs in the balance Monday night.

Top-seeded Dallas Armadillos are clinging to a slim 3.5-point lead over New Chester Thorobreds in Fantasy Bowl XXX. The game stands at 61.5-58 with the Armadillos’ hopes for a championship dependent upon the Cleveland Browns defense keeping the Steelers’ tight end in check. If Freirmuth scores 4 points or more, the Thorobreds will capture the 2021 FFL championship game trophy.

The Froglickers have scored a decisive 102-70 victory over the Mud to capture third place, thanks in no small part to WR Ja’Marr Chase’s 46.5-point effort. Froglicker fans have got to be lamenting “what if” — if the Froglickers had chosen to play the Mud instead of the Thorobreds last week in the semifinals, we’d be engraving Frelinghuysen on the championship game trophy right now.

In the game to determine fifth place, the Griffins hold a commanding 92-50.5 lead over the Big Bang. The Griffins still have Baker Mayfield Monday night, while the Big Bang has three players (QB Roethlisberger, RB Chubb, K Boswell) yet to play.

Dallas to face New Chester in Fantasy Bowl XXX

Dallas and New Chester will compete for the FFL Championship in our league’s 30th edition of the Fantasy Bowl.

The Armadillos dispatched the defending champion Mud 98.5-56, while the Thorobreds managed a come-from-behind win to edge the top-seeded Froglickers 78-74.5.

The Froglickers will face the Mud in the game for 3rd place, while the 3rd-seeded Big Bang will meet the 5th-seeded Griffins in the game to determine 5th place.

In the points race, Dallas enters the final two weeks of the season holding a 114.5-point lead. Dallas is looking to become the first team in league history to win the “Grand Slam” twice — winning the Fantasy Bowl and the points championship in the same year. Dallas accomplished that feat in 2014, which is also the last time Dallas won the Fantasy Bowl.

The Mercer Mustangs — a 6-7 team that missed the playoffs — has moved into 2nd place overall in points after posting a best-of-week 121 points. The Froglickers, Thorobreds, and Boxboro Blowfish (another non-playoff team) are all within striking distance of 2nd place.

Playoff schedule:

#2 Dallas Armadillos (11-3) vs. #6 New Chester Thorobreds (9-6)

#1 Frelinghuysen Froglickers (10-4) vs. #4 Chicago Mud (8-5-2)

#3 Big Oregon Bang (7-7) vs. #5 Philadelphia Griffins (7-7)

Armadillos advance; await Monday night results

The #2 seed has advanced to the Fantasy Bowl, but the #1 seed is hanging on by a thread. 

The Dallas Armadillos are in the championship game thanks to a 98.5-56 drubbing of the defending champion Chicago Mud. The other semifinal matchup is a nail biter, as the top-seeded Froglickers hold a slim 1.5-point lead over the Thorobreds. New Chester has two players in the Monday night game: RB Duke Johnson (Dolphins) and WR Marquez Callaway (Saints). If those two players can score 2 points or more, the Thorobreds will advance. Otherwise, the Froglickers will hang on.

Roster/Transactions Notice

Owners: Our rules disallow drop/adds of RBs, WRs, TEs after the playoffs start (which meant week 15 this year).

I failed to enforce this – if you wish to fire me as commissioner, please do so!

But with COVID, I think we need some leeway. SO – therefore, I have made a commissioner’s decision to permit COVID-related transactions, but otherwise I will enforce the rules for weeks 17 and 18. This means:
Week 17 – you can drop a K for a K, or a QB for a QB. You cannot make any other (non-COVID) transactions.
Week 18 – no (non-COVID) transactions permitted.

Semifinal Matchups Set

The Froglickers have spoken, and will face off against the Thorobreds in the semifinals, which means the Armadillos will match up with the Mud.

Semifinal Games:
#1 Frelinghuysen Froglickers (10-3) vs. #6 New Chester Thorobreds (8-6)
#2 Dallas Armadillos (10-3) vs. #4 Chicago Mud (8-4-2)

The winners of those two games will meet in Fantasy Bowl XXX.


Greetings FFLers: CBS had a glitch on the platform Tuesday night, and the Tuesday night games were showing zeros across the board. That has been fixed this morning so we have quarterfinal results:
#4 seed (and defending champion) Mud defeat the #5 Griffins 75-39
#6 seed Thorobreds defeat #3 seed Big Bang 82.5-71.5

We await the Froglicker’s response — they get to choose to play against Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp. Good luck with that decision, Zilb. Will post later when the Froglickers choose their opponent. Dallas awaits the other team in the semi-finals.

2021 Final Regular Season Standings

Cappelletti Division
Team W L T PCT GB Streak Div PF
Engle Division
Paterno Division

*Division Winner
^Wild Card

Playoff Matchups Set

The regular season is over, playoff teams are set, and there has been some shakeups in what we might have expected only a week or two ago.

The Frelinghuysen Froglickers (10-3) are your #1 seed by virtue of their 105½-91½ win over the Dallas Armadillos (10-3) in the final week of the regular season. Both teams will have a chance to relax for a week as they have earned first-round playoff byes. The Froglickers this year will hold the honor of selecting their opponent from the winners of the quarterfinal games.

Big Oregon Bang (7-6) is the other division winner and the #3 seed, despite a 2-point loss this week to Happy Valley.

All three wild card teams have 7 wins, but there is a shakeup here as well. The defending champion Chicago Mud (7-4-2) had already clinched and are the #4 seed, despite not making any reasonable effort to field a competitive team in the final regular season game. The Philadelphia Griffins were the beneficiary of the slumbering Mud, coasting to a 62½-29 win and capturing the #5 playoff seed.

The final playoff spot goes to the New Chester Thorobreds, who needed a win and got it in a 97-92½ thriller over Boxboro that went right down to the wire on Monday night.

The Blowfish faithful have got to be wondering what the heck just hit them these past two weeks. The defending points champions — who have been among the top 3 in points over most of this season — are on the outside looking in after losses to the Griffins and the Thorobreds over the past two weeks.

Points Race Outlook

We have 4 weeks remaining and Dallas continues to distance itself from the pack. The Armadillos (1232 points) currently hold a 108½-point lead in the overall points race. It appears the more competitive race here will be for second-place in overall points, where several teams still have a shot at the money.

  1. Armadillos – 1232
  2. Froglickers – 1123½
  3. Mustangs – 1111½
  4. Blowfish – 1104½
  5. Thorobreds – 1089
  6. Wildcats – 1059½
  7. Big Bang – 1054½

Week 15 Playoff Schedule:

#1 Frelinghuysen Froglickers (10-3) – BYE
#2 Dallas Armadillos (10-3) – BYE
#3 Big Oregon Bang (7-6) vs. #6 New Chester Thorobreds (7-6)
#4 Chicago Mud (7-4-2) vs. #5 Philadelphia Griffins (7-6)

Final records for non-playoff teams below. Reversing this order (minus any money winners for points) will give you the regular draft order for the first 7 teams.

Blowfish 7-6
Wildcats 6-6-1
Mustangs 6-7
Longfellows 5-7-1
Muffdivers 5-7-1
Violence 3-10
Beach Dudes 2-11

Playoff Scenarios entering Week 14

We’re entering the final week of the regular season, and all but 4 teams are technically still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Four teams — Armadillos, Froglickers, Big Bang, and the defending champs Mud — have all clinched playoff berths. The number one seed for the playoffs is on the line this weekend as the winner of Armadillos vs. Froglickers in week 14 will also determine the top playoff seed.

The defending points champ — Blowfish — would claim a playoff berth with a win in the final week. Philadelphia is also in with a win.

A few teams need wins plus help from others: Thorobreds, Muffdivers, and Wildcats. It’s possible the final playoff team could have a record of 6-6-1.

Dallas Armadillos (10-2) has clinched division title.
Chicago Mud (7-3-2) has clinched a wild card slot.

Frelinghuysen Froglickers (9-3) has clinched division title.

Big Oregon Bang (7-5) has clinched division title – holds tiebreaker by virtue of their Week 9 win over PHI.

Boxboro (7-5)
Philadelphia (6-6) – holds tiebreaker over both BOX and NCT if records are 7-6

New Chester (6-6) – needs a win + a PHI win
Miami (5-6-1) – needs a win + losses by PHI & NCT
Connecticut (5-6-1) – needs a win + losses by MIA, PHI & NCT

Mercer (5-7)
Keystone (5-7-1) – season over (bye in final week)
Happy Valley (2-10)
Orange County (2-10)

One Week to Trade Deadline

Greetings FFL-GOO owners. We have 10 weeks in the books for 2021, with 4 weeks to go in our regular season.

Kickoff Week 12 marks some deadlines, so let’s review:

  • Trade deadline. This was previously kickoff week 11, but we pushed this back when the NFL added a week to the season. All trades must be completed before week 12 kickoff of all players involved in a trade.
  • Protection eligibility. A player must remain on a roster continuously from week 12 kickoff onward to be eligible for protection going into 2022 draft.
  • Transactions revert to first come / first serve after kickoff week 12.

With deadlines reviewed/reminded, let’s look at the standings as we hit the home stretch on the 2021 season.

– Dallas Armadillos have a 3-game lead in the Paterno Division, are #1 in total points (9 points ahead of the Blowfish) and hold the league’s best record at 8-1. Considering Dallas’ remaining opponents are a combined 15-21, the Dillos have the inside track to the #1 playoff seed.

– Frelinghuysen Froglickers have the league’s second-best record at 7-2 and hold a one-game lead over Boxboro Blowfish in the Cappelletti Division. The Lickers averaged 87 points per week over the course of a 6-1 start, but have averaged only 60 points per week since losing Derrick Henry (going 1-1 with a bye during that stretch). Meanwhile, Boxboro has won 5 of their last 6. Both teams seem playoff-bound, but the division championship seems wide open at this point. And oh, by the way, BOX plays vs. FFL this weekend.

– Someone’s gotta win the Engle Division. One of Oregon (5-4), Keystone (4-5-1) or Philadelphia (4-5) might break out of this pack in 2021’s weakest division.

– Six teams will make the playoffs, and right now 7 teams have winning records. Miami (5-4-1), New Chester (5-4), and Chicago (4-3-2) are all lurking 3 games behind Dallas in their division, but a wildcard team (or two) might come out of here.

– Finally, in the points race, as noted previously Dallas holds a slim lead (867 points) over Boxboro (858), with a notable drop-off to third place (Froglickers and Thorobreds tied at 794 points).

Week 11 starts tonight (Patriots vs. Falcons) and remember there are THREE games Thursday next week (Thanksgiving). Ping the Commish if you have any questions, and good luck down the stretch.

Mid-Season Report

Greetings FFL owners, we are half way through the FFL-GOO regular season. We get great recaps each week from the CBS “fantasy journalist” but let’s take the macro look at the halfway point from your resident and long-time human FFLGOO journalist.

The Froglickers and the Armadillos share the league’s best record at 6-1 and the Froglickers have scored exactly ONE more point through 7 games: 611.5 to 610.5. The Boxboro Blowfish (4-2) enjoy a small lead in the overall points race at 632. Three other teams: Big Bang (4-3; 600.5), Thorobreds (3-3; 597.5) and Wildcats (2-5; 583) are within 50 points.

In the division races, Froglickers have a two-game lead over Blowfish in the Cappelletti Division, and Dallas has a two-game lead over Miami (4-2-1) in the Paterno Division. The Big Bang leads Keystone (3-3-1) by a half-game in the Engle Division.

Only 5 of our 13 teams have winning records at the half way point.

At the bottom, the Beach Dudes are buried in the sand at 0-6 and are 260 points off the lead. Reminder that Orange County was a playoff team last year. Also in the category of “what a difference a year makes” is the defending champs: Chicago Mud is 3-2-1 and 10th in overall points.

And finally I’ll take a journalistic “license to whine” moment to point out the Bad New Wildcats: the newly-relocated Connecticut team has been clobbered in a rather unprecendented fashion this season: the last 5 weeks the Wildcats opponents have scored: 92, 92.5, 90, 113, 93.

Week 1 results

Week 1 is done, and we begin our typical head-to-head matchups beginning in Week 2.

The winners/losers/sister-kisser for week 1:

DAL 119 – W
KEY 116 – W
CHI 109.5 – W
BOX 106 – W
BOB 82.5 – W
FFL 81.5 – W

MIA 81 – TIE

PHI 74 – L
CTW 68 – L
MER 61 – L
OCD 54.5 – L
NCT 46 – L
HVV 45 – L

For CBS, I then retroactively paired the matchups and re-ran the Week 1 standings so every winning team “played” a losing team. With the exception of Miami — we must mentally note for the standings that Miami has a tie that will not show up in CBS League Standings.

2021 Protected Rosters

FFL GOO Protections 2021 Season

QB Lamar Jackson
RB Nick Chubb [P]
RB David Montgomery
RB James Robinson
WR Keenan Allen
WR D.J. Moore

QB Dak Prescott [P]
RB Alvin Kamara
RB Dalvin Cook
WR Robert Woods
TE Travis Kelce [F]

QB Tua Tagovailoa [P]
RB Miles Sanders
RB Jonathan Taylor
WR Tyreek Hill
TE Dareen Waller

QB Justin Herbert
RB Aaron Jones
RB Kareem Hunt
RB Cam Akers [P]
WR Mike Evans
WR Amari Cooper

QB Patrick Mahomes
RB Damien Harris [P]
RB JK Dobbins
RB Joe Mixon
WR CeeDee Lamb
WR A.J. Brown

RB Derrick Henry [F]
RB De’Andre Swift
WR Justin Jefferson
WR Odell Beckham
WR Kenny Golladay [P]
TE George Kittle

QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Chris Carson
RB Chace Edmunds [P]
WR Allen Robinson [F]
WR Terry McLaurin

QB Kyler Murray
RB Christian McCaffrey [P]
RB Antonio Gibson
RB Darrell Henderson
WR Michael Thomas
WR Jerry Jeudy 

QB Tom Brady
RB Raheem Mostert
RB Jamaal Williams
RB Gus Edwards [P]
WR Davante Adams [F]
WR Tee Higgins

QB Joe Burrow
RB Austin Ekeler
RB Clyde Edwards Helaire
WR DeAndre Hopkins
WR Stefan Diggs
WR Chase Claypool [P]

QB Josh Allen
RB Ezekiel Elliott [F]
RB Leonard Fournette [P]
WR Cooper Kupp
WR Juju Smith-Shuster

RB Saquon Barkley
RB Mike Davis
WR D.J. Chark
WR Brandon Aiyuk

QB Deshaun Watson
RB Josh Jacobs
RB Sony Michel [P]
WR Calvin Ridley
WR D.K. Metcalf