Fantasy Bowl Team Set: LA vs. NY

Fantasy Bowl V: LA vs. NY

The LA Riot! will play the NY Griffons in Fantasy Bowl V. The game will be a rematch of Fantasy Bowl II, which was won 44 – 32 by the Riot!. LA reaches the championship game with a 54½ – 36 win over the Pittsburgh Pachyderms. The Griffons beat the Mercer Mustangs 38½ – 26 to reach their third Fantasy Bowl. NY is 0-2 in their previous two Fantasy Bowl appearances. The Riot!’s win in Fantasy Bowl II was their only previous Fantasy Bowl appearance.

In the consolation bracket, Wisconsin will face Pennsylvania for the consolation championship. Wisconsin reaches the finals with a 52 – 51½ win over the Miami Muffdivers. The Wildcats reach the final with a 67 – 45 ½ point win over the Butler Blowfish. The Wisconsin vs. Pennsylvania matchup in the Consolation Bowl is a rematch of Fantasy Bowl III, which was won 62 – 51 by the Cheeseheads.


Fantasy Bowl Playoffs:
New York 38½
Mercer 26

Los Angeles 54½
Pittsburgh 36

Consolation Bracket:
Wisconsin 52
Miami 51½

Butler 45½
Pennsylvania 67

Fantasy Bowl V: New York (+ ½ point) vs. Los Angeles
Third-place game: Pittsburgh (+3½) vs. Mercer
Consolation Bowl: Pennsylvania (+3½) vs. Wisconsin

Non-playoff team scores, Week 15:

Richmond 54

Newport Beach 53

Carolina 44

Dallas 40

Keystone 36

State College 18