Riot! are Champions of Fantasy Bowl V

The LA Riot! won the franchise’s second Fantasy Bowl championship this weekend with a 59-52½ win over the New York Griffons. The Riot! becomes the second 2-time FFL champion, joining the Wisconsin Cheeseheads as 2-time winners. The Griffons, while having made it to the most FFL championship games, have now gone 0-3 in the title game. Wide receiver Marvin Harrison, a reserve for most of the year on the LA bench, came through with a big 23-point performance which contributed significantly to the Riot! win. The Griffons can blame the “God Squad,” NY’s triumvirate of Herman Moore, Isaac Bruce and Carl Pickens. The 3 receivers, all with triple-digit point totals on the season, managed a combined 2 points for the Fantasy Bowl weekend.

In the Third Place Game, Mercer enjoyed a big 14-point performance from Andre Reed in the Monday night game, lifting the Mustangs to the 3rd place finish with a 55-43½ win over the Pittsburgh Pachyderms.

In the Consolation Bowl, the Wisconsin Cheeseheads beat the Pennsylvania Wildcats 56-43½.

The point races look very likely to finish up with New York winning total points and Los Angeles winning second-place in points. The non-money winning point race will go to the final weekend, with Miami, Newport Beach and Butler all separated by fewer than 20 points.

Fantasy Bowl V:
Los Angeles 59
New York 52½

Third Place Game:
Mercer 55
Pittsburgh 43½

Consolation Bowl:
Wisconsin 56
Pennsylvania 43½

Non-playoff team scores, Week 16:

Miami 18

Butler/Syracuse 37

Richmond 19

Newport Beach 57
NP’s WR Eddie Kennison tied the all-time receiving record of 35 points

Carolina 32

Dallas 34

Keystone 37

State College 28


“The New York Griffons could be the Denver Broncos of the FFL.”

– Wisconsin owner David Zilberfarb.

“Or the Buffalo Bills.”

– Pennsylvania owner Ron Yeany.