Week 17 Notes

Happy Holidays!

Here are final Week 17 scores and Total Points for the year. Spreadsheets and other items will be updated within a day or two after Christmas and will remain online during the offseason. Commissioner Trzeciak’s annual End-of-the-Year Awards will be posted here sometime within the next week. Additionally, rule change suggestions will be posted here within the next few weeks. Get your rule change proposals to the Commissioner ASAP.

Scores, Week 17:

New York 63; Total for year = 1034

Los Angeles 72; Total for year = 938

Mercer 49; Total for year = 880

Wisconsin 27; Total for year = 846

Pennsylvania 51; Total for year = 804

Newport Beach 42; Total for year = 715

Miami 28; Total for year = 701

Pittsburgh 20; Total for year = 691

Butler 26; Total for year = 682

Keystone 44; Total for year = 670

Carolina 28; Total for year = 660

Dallas 45; Total for year = 549

Richmond 37; Total for year = 506

State College 30; Total for year = 464

Winners’ Circle:

Fantasy Bowl Championship: Los Angeles Riot!

Points Championship: New York Griffons

Fantasy Bowl Runner-up: New York Griffons

Second Place Points: Los Angeles Riot!

Third Place Playoffs: Mercer Mustangs

Fourth Place Playoffs: Pittsburgh Pachyderms

Consolation Bowl Champs: Wisconsin Cheeseheads

Consolation Bowl Runner-up: Pennsylvania Wildcats

High Points, Non-money-winner: Newport Beach Nightmare


“Sometime you and Nick will meet in the Fantasy Bowl, and the hard-luck streak for one of you will have to end.”

– Championship owner Sam McClain, of the LA Riot!, speaking with PA owner Ron Yeany.

“It’s hard to believe that I didn’t make the playoffs with the owners in this league.”

– Newport Beach owner Dan Callahan, on missing the playoffs.

“There was no way the Big Bang was going to allow an expansion team to reach the playoffs.”

– Carolina owner Wayne Rupert, whose Week 14 tie with Newport eliminated BOTH teams from the playoffs, allowing Wisconsin to sneak in with a losing record and win the Consolation Bracket.

“New York might have the ‘God Squad,’ but the Riot! has the ‘Mod Squad’.”

– McClain.