Fantasy Bowl VI: Wildcats vs. Blizzard

Consolation Bowl: Griffons vs. Muffdivers

Only 3 teams have their names inscribed on the Fantasy Bowl Cup after the league’s first 5 years. This year, a new name will go on the cup … and that name will be either the Pennsylvania Wildcats or the Syracuse Blizzard.

The Wildcats and the Blizzard will renew their long-time rivalry in Fantasy Bowl VI next week. The teams met 2 times during the regular season, and Pennsylvania won both of those contests. The Blizzard is hoping the third time will be a charm. Pennsylvania is hoping to finish their season with a record-tying 15th win, accomplished only once before in league history.

This rivalry is one of the league’s most prolific. The PA and SY franchises have always been in the same division. The teams have also been cross-state rivals every year until 1997, when the Blizzard (formerly the Butler Blowfish) moved to Syracuse. The teams have played each other 13 times previously, with Pennsylvania holding an 8-5 edge in those matchups. In 1996, the Blowfish swept the regular-season series but the Wildcats rebounded for a win in the Consolation Bowl.

Both teams are 0-1 in Fantasy Bowl competition. The Syracuse franchise lost Fantasy Bowl I to the State College Bandits 47-40. Pennsylvania lost Fantasy Bowl III to the Wisconsin Cheeseheads 62-51.

In the consolation bracket, New York advances with a huge win over Carolina. The Griffons set the high team score for the year with 114 points, 3 points short of tying the all-time record. New York will face Miami for the consolation title, as Miami knocked out Mercer 51-23½.

And speaking of records, Keystone RB Corey Dillon shattered the all-time league record for a single player at any position with a 47 point performance Thursday night. Dillon bested all previous league records by 9 points. The previous single-player record, shared by Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders and James Stewart, was 38 points.



Season tidbits
Compiled by Jim Waugh,
Co-owner, Mercer Mustangs

Divisional record breakdown

Paterno vs. Cappelletti 4-10
Paterno vs. Engle 4-12
Paterno vs. Other Divisions 8-22
Paterno vs. Other Division Playoff Teams 4-17
Avg pts for/team 560

Cappelletti vs. Paterno 10-4
Cappelletti vs. Engle 5-11
Cappelletti vs. Other Div 15-15
Cappelletti vs. Other Div Playoff Teams 4-13
Avg pts for/team 612

Engle vs. Paterno 12-4
Engle vs. Cappelletti 11-5
Engle vs. other div 23-9
Engle vs. other div playoff teams 9-7
Avg pts for/team 624

No single Engle team worse than .500 out of division

Best record vs. playoff teams: PA (7-1) (4-0 non-division)

You can make your own conclusions.

Predictions: PA vs. Syracuse for Title……PA champ!!
NY vs. MR for consolation bowl…..MR winner

MVP – Barry Sanders
Coach of Year – Ron Yeany

Editor’s Note: The editor of FFFlyer would like to add a disclaimer that this information was supplied by Mr. Waugh without any solicitation whatsoever. The opinions and predictions are Mr. Waugh’s, and while they are well researched and highly insightful, they do not reflect the opinion of the FFFlyer, which remains neutral.



Lottery Draft Tracker

The order for the first round of the 1998 draft for the non-money winners will be determined by lottery. This lottery will detemine who gets a shot at players such as Peyton Manning or, perhaps, Curtis Enis. Joe Jurevicius, anyone?

The lottery chances are determined in 2 portions: 1) record up to and including Week 11; and 2) total points weeks 11-15.

The first portion is record through week 11. The worse the record, the MORE chances.

Records through week 11:
Richmond 2-9 – 6 CHANCES
Newport Beach 3-8 – 5 CHANCES
New Denver 4-7 (287 pts) – 4 CHANCES
Keystone 4-7 (382 pts) – 3 CHANCES
Mission Viejo 4-7 (393 pts) – 2 CHANCES
Dallas 5-6 – 1 CHANCE

If one of these teams receives the prize for top point getter of all remaining teams, remove that team from the above list and then re-number sequentially from 5 down to 1. These will be the number of lottery chances each team receives for the record portion of the lottery.

In addition, each team will receive chances based on the total points accumulated during weeks 11-15. The more points, the MORE chances each team will receive. Here are the final points standings:

Mission Viejo – 193 – 6 CHANCES
Dallas – 182 – 5 CHANCES
Keystone – 181 – 4 CHANCES
Richmond – 180 – 3 CHANCES
Newport Beach – 176 – 2 CHANCES
New Denver – 160 – 1 CHANCE


Richmond – 9 CHANCES
Mission Viejo – 8 CHANCES
Newport Beach – 7 CHANCES
Keystone – 7 CHANCES
Dallas – 6 CHANCES
New Denver – 5 CHANCES