Wildcats Are Champs! Pennsylvania wins Fantasy Bowl VI

Wisconsin beats NIKEtown 48½-41 for 3rd place;
New York defeats Miami 51½-28 in consolation bracket

The Pennsylvania Wildcats topped their incredible 1997 run with a 49½-20 win over the Syracuse Blizzard in Fantasy Bowl VI.

The Wildcats finish the year with a 10-game winning streak and a 15-1 record, the best record ever accomplished in league history. The only blemish on their record was a Week 6 loss to the Mercer Mustangs.

“I’ve worked very hard and made a strong commitment to bring a championship to this team,” Wildcat owner Ron Yeany told FFFlyer. “And we are not done,” Yeany added. “If we can win the points title, no one can doubt that this is the greatest FFL team ever.”

Going into the final weekend, the Wildcats lead the New York Griffons by 52 points in the overall point race. Only one other team in league history has taken home both the Fantasy Bowl and the points title in the same year — the 1994 Wisconsin Cheeseheads.

In the Third Place contest, the Wisconsin Cheeseheads edged the NIKEtown Knights by a 48½-41 score. This was the first-ever playoff game between these two powerhouses, who each have two Fantasy Bowl Championships.

The Consolation Bowl was won by the New York Griffons, with a 51½-28 win over the Miami Muffdivers. New York remains the only team to have finished in the money every year of the league’s existence. The Griffons also have a change to win the overall points title.



Lottery Draft Tracker

The order for the first round of the 1998 draft for the non-money winners will be determined by lottery. This lottery will detemine who gets a shot at players such as Peyton Manning or, perhaps, Curtis Enis. Joe Jurevicius, anyone?

The lottery chances are determined in 2 portions: 1) record up to and including Week 11; and 2) total points weeks 11-15.

The first portion is record through week 11. The worse the record, the MORE chances.

Records through week 11:
Richmond 2-9 – 6 CHANCES
Newport Beach 3-8 – 5 CHANCES
New Denver 4-7 (287 pts) – 4 CHANCES
Keystone 4-7 (382 pts) – 3 CHANCES
Mission Viejo 4-7 (393 pts) – 2 CHANCES
Dallas 5-6 – 1 CHANCE

If one of these teams receives the prize for top point getter of all remaining teams, remove that team from the above list and then re-number sequentially from 5 down to 1. These will be the number of lottery chances each team receives for the record portion of the lottery.

In addition, each team will receive chances based on the total points accumulated during weeks 11-15. The more points, the MORE chances each team will receive. Here are the final points standings:

Mission Viejo – 193 – 6 CHANCES
Dallas – 182 – 5 CHANCES
Keystone – 181 – 4 CHANCES
Richmond – 180 – 3 CHANCES
Newport Beach – 176 – 2 CHANCES
New Denver – 160 – 1 CHANCE


Richmond – 9 CHANCES
Mission Viejo – 8 CHANCES
Newport Beach – 7 CHANCES
Keystone – 7 CHANCES
Dallas – 6 CHANCES
New Denver – 5 CHANCES