Week 13 Notes

Mustangs, Wildcats clinch

The Mercer Mustangs and the Boston Wildcats clinched division titles this week. The race for the Paterno Division will come down to the wire, with New YorkKeystone and Newport Beach all having a shot to win the division.

The Griffins (8-5) can clinch the division championship with a win against Newport Beach (7-6) this week. The Griffins must win to capture the division title. Keystone (7-6) can win the division if the Longfellows win and the Griffins lose. Newport Beach will capture the division if they beat the Griffins AND Keystone loses to Richmond.

The wildcard race will be hotly contested. GraynbaldMiami, and New Denver are all tied at 8-5 going into the final week, and none of them play head-to-head matchups, so they all could finish tied for the wildcard.

New Denver, with head-to-head wins over both Graynbald and Miami, control their own fate. A win this week puts the 2x4s in as the wildcard. Graynbald and Miami split their season series and currently have identical division records, which means a 3rd or 4th tiebreaker could come into play.

Should all 3 of those teams lose this week, it could open the door for the 2nd place team in the Paterno Division to sneak in as the wildcard.

There is also an extreme outside possibility of Dallas (7-6) sneaking in as the wildcard team, but this scenario is highly unlikely.

For the consolation playoffs, only the teams mentioned above that do not make the top-tier playoffs will be eligible.

Week 13 Quotables:

Will all you guys tell your players to stop hurting my players. Lets keep it clean. No more injuries. — Graynbald co-owner Ronnie Feldman.

No more moving during the FFL season Ying!. — Mission Viejo owner Ross Hessler.

Second time this year that I had the second highest score, and lost. — New York owner Nick Fisher

Boy- I sure could have used M. Brunnell eitther of the last 2 weeks to help in my playoff and points run. — New York owner Nick Fisher

If my defense wasn’t so bad, I might still be in this thing. — Mission Viejo owner Ross Hessler.

Here’s a recent photo of Sladic (New Denver co-owner) when he came to visit us with the new baby — maybe you can do something with it for me —- like put it on the FFL thingee or something like that for everyone to look at … I’d appreciate it. He just looks so darn comfortable. Some guest!!!! — Donna Zilberfarb, wife of Frelinghuysen owner Dave Zilberfarb.