Griffins Are Greatest; Beat Wildcats in Fantasy Bowl VIII

New York’s fifth trip to the Fantasy Bowl proved to be the charm, as the Griffins got huge games from Brad Johnson (30 pts) and Marshall Faulk (25 pts) en route to an 87-71½ win over the Boston Wildcats in Fantasy Bowl VIII.

Both the Griffins and the Wildcats easily bested the highest point total ever posted in a Fantasy Bowl (62) and the Wildcats’ 71 points in a losing effort will likely be a record that stands for many years.

Griffins owner Nick Fisher would not predict victory going into the Monday night contest, as the Griffins have been torched in previous Fantasy Bowls by big Monday night performances.

Wildcats owner Ron Yeany was very happy with his team’s performance, and said there wasn’t much more he could have done to overcome a Griffin team that put a hot streak together to end the season. “Nick has consistently fielded the best team in the league year in and year out, and I’m happy he’s finally captured a championship.”

“Given the fact that the Griffins lost RB Terrell Davis early in the year, Fisher will easily walk away with Coach of the Year honors,” Yeany added.

Fisher’s closest competitor in Coach of the Year honors will likely be Jim Waugh and Phil Dellorso, who guided the perenially underachieving Mercer Mustangs to the league’s best regular season record and a 61½-54 win over Graynbald Mud to capture third place.

The Consolation Bowl was the week’s closest contest, and the Miami Muffdivers, for the second week in a row, benefitted from the home field advantage to edge the New Denver 2x4s 51½-49 to capture the consolation bracket crown.

Week 17 will continue the highly-contested battle for the points race, with Graynbald, New York and Boston all in striking distance of the overall points crown. Going into the final weekend, only 25 points separate these 3 teams:
Graynbald Mud: 873 points
New York Griffins: 864 points
Boston Wildcats: 848 points

Week 16 Quotables:

Eggo, We’ll send you back your Santa hat if you win this weekend (otherwise it remains hostage until you visit NJ again!). — Jeanne & Mike White (New Denver co-owners).

Richmond’s lineup for the week: Joe Namath, Gale Sayers, Kevin Mack, Walter Payton, Fred Bilitnicough (sic), Lynn Swann, Don Maynard, George Blanda. Note: We look good on paper, anyway. — Richmond owner Chris Lieberman