Lineup Submission of the Year

Keystone co-owner Terry Muth’s Week 17 lineup gets the year’s most creative lineup award:

Team: Keystone
Player1: manning(a.k.a. cindy crawford)
Player2: dillon(Julia Roberts)
Player3: williams(the big mama from Drew Carey)
Player4: rhett (Hale Berry)
Player5: schroeder(my sister)
Player6: dyson(my grandma)
Player7: chrebet(nancy kerrigan)
Player8: mare(cameron diaz -si !)
Note: the connection:

  1. while manning may not be #1 on a lot of lists right now, he’s definitely in everyones top 10…thus, Cindy.
  2. some weeks you want to put dillon on the trading block then suddenly he breaks through and you get a glimpse of his true talent…i.e.Julia
  3. Ricky should take his helmet off once in a while and give it to her to put on.
  4. for a mid round pick he did o.k. Hale Berry is mid-round or better in any FBL league.
  5. having Bill on your team is like kissing your sister – 2 points,5 if your lucky – yippeee.
  6. Dyson -my grandma could’ve scored more than him and she’s been singing the halleluiah chorus for 25 years.
  7. what did I expect with a bum leg.
  8. mare-came outa nowhere to add some Latin pizzazz to an otherwise dull team.

**expert analysis – a few keepers, we’ll put the big mama on a diet and underneath that circus tent there’s a babe waiting to unmask herself next season.

Week 17 Quotables:

I can’t believe you let Nick win. You disappointed us, Ying. — Nearly every FFL owner and ex-FFL owner Ying has spoken to since the Fantasy Bowl.