Worst To First???

WORST TO FIRST?: The Cinderella season for New Chester is almost complete, as the Thorobreds advance to Fantasy Bowl XIV. The franchise finished last season a record 0-14, and went on to sink to the Cellar Dwellar with a final record of 0-16. It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic turnaround in one year.

BIG BANG ADVANCES: The Big Oregon Bang advances to Fantasy Bowl XIV with a thrilling 63-60 win over the Boston Wildcats. Wildcats owner Ron Yeany followed the action through the late afternoon games, watched several lead changes as the teams were neck-and-neck, and saw the Wildcats lose when Raiders RB LaMont Jordan broke a 27-yard run late in the 4th quarter. Oregon won Fantasy Bowl XII in 2003.

CONSOLATION (NO-LONGER) DEADLOCKED: So we don’t have a tie in the KEY-MIM consolation game … KEY wins outright, 42-41. I’m not sure what the stat change was from those posted Sunday night to the official ones posted Tuesday, but it made a one point difference. KEY faces HVV for the consolation bracket title.

DIVERS DOWN: Miami has moved into the Cellar Dwellar finals by virtue of an 86-31 loss to Orange County. MIA plays Syracuse, and the loser of that game is the official Cellar Dwellar.

Fantasy Bowl Semi-Finals

BOB Big Bang 63     NCT Thorobreds 61
BOS Wildcats 60 PHI Griffins 46

Consolation Semi-Finals

KEY Longfellows 42     HVV Violence 71
MIM Mud 41 MER Mustangs 47

Cellar Dwellar Semi-Finals

DAL Armadillos 32     OCD Beach Dudes 86
SYR Blizzard 31 MIA Muffdivers 31

Other Scores: RIB 31, FFL 15