Keystone clinches division and #1 seed

Keystone rebounded after their first loss of the season, beating the Froglickers 49-26 and clinching the Engle Division title as well as the #1 seed throughout the playoffs. The Griffins needed a come-from-behind win to remain tied with Mercer at 8-4 atop the Paterno Division. And both the Mud and Big Bang remain tied at 7-5 atop the Cappelletti Division.

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.

Playoff Outlook:

Engle – KEY (11-1) has clinched division and #1 seed throughout playoffs. DAL (8-4) is in the running for Wild Card. BOS (6-6) and RIB (2-10) out of top-tier contention.

Paterno – MER and PHI are tied at 8-4. MIA (5-7), NCT and OCD (both 4-8) are out of top-tier contention.

Cappelletti – BOB and MIM are tied at 7-5. HVV and SYR (both 5-7) are not technically eliminated in the division race but would need to win final two games and get a lot of help. Neither would content for the Wild Card. HVV’s 5-2 record in the division could help. FFL (4-8) is out of top-tier contention.

Wild Card – This will be between 3 teams: Dallas, and the 2nd place teams in the tied divisions (MER/PHI and BOB/MIM). Head-to-head tiebreakers will be key. MIM’s season is basically on the line this week in their game vs. DAL. PHI has beaten DAL this year (week 6), while MER lost to DAL this year (week 3). BOB did not play DAL this year and the two are currently fewer than 20 points apart in the point standings.