Playoff picture remains murky

Six teams will fight for 3 playoff spots going into the final week

With Week 13 in the books, the races are still tight. Keystone is the only team assured of a top-tier playoff spot — Philadelphia, Mercer, Dallas, Oregon, MassIll and Happy Valley are all in the running for top-tier playoff spots.

In the Cappelletti Division, both leaders lost: MIM fell to DAL 63-42 while BOB lost to RIB 46-41. Meanwhile, HVV won big over BOS, 62-34. It’s possible the Cappelletti Division could end in a 3-way tie … a scenario that currently looks most favorable to the Violence under tiebreaker rules.

In the Paterno Division, PHI takes a 1-game lead over MER. MER, however, holds the tiebreaker edge over PHI, so this race will go down to the final week as well.

DAL, a winner over MIM, remains in a strong position for the Wild Card slot, but could also find themselves outside looking in if they end up tied with PHI for the Wild Card, as PHI holds the tiebreaker edge over DAL.

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.