Griffins and Big Bang are division winners; Armadillos grab wild card

The Philadelphia Griffins (10-4) and Big Oregon Bang (8-6) won their divisions in the final week of the season, and the Dallas Armadillos (10-4) grabbed the wild card slot. These three teams will join Engle Division winner and top-seed Keystone (12-2) in the playoffs for Fantasy Bowl XV.

Mercer (9-5) is the top-seed in the consolation bracket where they will join Happy Valley (7-7), MassIll (7-7), and Miami (6-8).


KEY vs. BOB – Fantasy Bowl semifinal
PHI vs. DAL – Fantasy Bowl semifinal

MER vs. MIA – Consolation semifinal
HVV vs. MIM – Consolation semifinal

RIB vs. SYR – CellarDweller semifinal
OCD vs. FFL – CellarDweller semifinal

BOS, NCT – seasons finished

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.

TRANSACTIONS REMINDER: Teams can no longer add RBs, WRs or TEs. Teams can add QBs or Ks through week 16, but only if the team drops a QB or a K.