Griffins – Armadillos Finish 1-2 in Points Race

The Philadelphia Griffins swept up both league trophies in 2006, winning the points race with 1060 points. It’s the 4th time in league history the same team has swept both top awards (Thorobreds in 2005, Wildcats in 1997, and Cheeseheads in 1994). It’s the Griffin’s record 6th point championship — twice as many as Boston (with 3), while no other FFL team has more than one points championship.

Dallas finished second in points with 951, a dramatic turnaround from 2005 when the Armadillos finished dead last in points (601). Keystone with 921 and Oregon with 916 finished a close 3rd and 4th. Mercer finished with 887 points, dropping from 2nd to 5th place over the past two weeks, but will take the consolation points award. The Froglickers, with 651, finish last in points.

And RB Tiki Barber saved his best for last — his 41 points in week 17 was the high individual performance in the league this year.