Boston prevails 65-46, wins Fantasy Bowl XVII

The Boston Wildcats, behind a huge 32-point performance from DeAngelo Williams, held on to win Fantasy Bowl XVII 65-46 over the Happy Valley Violence. Williams, who was a first-round pick of the Wildcats in 2006 and who underwhelmed for his first two seasons, is enjoying a breakout year in 2008 and with his big week 16 performance is now 5 points behind QB Drew Brees as this year’s top overall fantasy scorer heading into the season’s final week. The Wildcats’ Fantasy Bowl win also caps off a league-best 9-game winning streak in 2008.

The Philadelphia Griffins won the consolation game and finish 3rd place in the playoffs, beating MassIll Mud 75-40, highlighted by Peyton Manning’s season-high 23 points. The Griffins extended their lead in the overall points race over the Wildcats, with the Griffins now leading by 73 points going into the final week. The Wildcats hold a 35-point edge over MassIll for 2nd place in overall points.

Keystone had the week’s highest score with 85 points and has all but wrapped up the award for top points (813) of non-playoff teams. The final award, for 2nd-highest points of non-playoff teams, is still wide open for several teams going in to the last week of the NFL season: DAL 718,  OCD 693, BOB 691, MER 687,  RIB 684, and MIA 673 are all easily in contention for the final prize.