2014 Recap

The 2014 Dallas Armadillos became the 6th team in league history to pull off the Grand Slam — winning both the Fantasy Bowl and the Points Championship in the same year.

Dallas beat Happy Valley 86-66 to win Fantasy Bowl XXIII. Dallas’ 1,326 total points was the 2nd-highest total in league history, falling 9 points short of the 1,335 Syracuse posted in 2013.

For the second year in a row, Oregon took the consolation playoff game (3rd place), beating Philadelphia 47-41.

New Chester (1,091) and Syracuse (973) took the awards for the two highest-scoring squads of non-playoff teams.

Boston finished last in points, which had never happened in the history of the franchise. Boston’s 775 points, however, was the highest ever scored by a last place team.

Some other tidbits Nick passed along for the year:

  • Ying broke a record for most transaction fees … and he came in last place … go figure
  • After spending only the second most in transactions each of the last two years, Ying once again regained his pulpit, and spent the most in the league on transactions for the 17th time in our 23 year history
  • We broke a record for most league transaction money, which yielded the highest payout in history to the Sam/Paul combo team; $940 for the points and FFL Bowl Champs
  • Rich/Mike received a payout for the first time since 2007
  • Rich/Mike made the biggest leap from 11th overall in points to third.  Also had the biggest increase in wins from 3 to 7. A .500 record for third in points is not very lucky
  • Jim had the biggest decline from 3rd overall in points to 8th
  • Ying and Zilb had the biggest decline in wins. both went from 7 last year to 4 this season
  • Nibs has not received a payout since 2004
  • Nick received a payout for the 22nd year