Happy Valley wins Fantasy Bowl XXIV; Oregon wins points championship

There will be some new names on FFL-GOO’s Fantasy Bowl Championship trophy this year — the Happy Valley Violence has defeated Philadelphia 66-32 in the title game.

The HVV franchise was originally the Pittsburgh Pachyderms and then later the Mission Viejo Impossibles, but none of those previous owners managed to get the franchise into the Fantasy Bowl. Happy Valley has won it’s first title game after losses in 2008, 2011 and 2014.

Dallas captured 3rd place, beating Mercer 76-49.

The Big Oregon Bang  wins the FFL points championship in a year with SIX teams finishing both a) over 1000 points and b) all within 100 points of the winner. The Fantasy Bowl Champion Happy Valley Violence finish second in points, 24 points behind BOB. New Chester’s late points surge had them finishing 3rd, just 6 points in front of 4th-place Dallas, who failed to defend either of the trophies the Armadillos swept in 2014.

Top points teams:

  1. BOB 1134
  2. HVV 1110
  3. NCT 1075
  4. DAL 1069
  5. MIA 1061
  6. MER 1034
  • It’s Oregon’s second time to capture the points championship (2012 with 1171 points).
  • It’s the second year in a row Happy Valley has finished second (1131 points last season). HVV is still looking for their first points championship.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valley wins Fantasy Bowl XXIV; Oregon wins points championship

  1. SIX teams finishing both over 1000 points is likely a result of having only 13 teams – the talent pool was more concentrated and waiver wire more plentiful.

  2. I’ve no doubt the talent pool was slightly deeper, but I don’t think it was *THAT* significant. The former Raptors players (RG3, anyone?!?) were not impact players.

    What I found interesting is that the BOB’s team high is around 200 points LOWER than the high team scores of the past two years (since we changed the scoring rules). AND the low points team (Froglickers) is the “highest” low score ever in league history. I think this all indicates more parity in the league, rather than a deeper talent pool because we have one less team.

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