2017 Draft Lottery Results

The 2017 draft lottery was held at Nick’s house on Saturday July 17. In attendance were owners Nick Fisher, Mike White, Rich Sladic, Jim Waugh, David Zilberfarb, Terry Muth, Doug Weaver, and Ron Yeany.

The order for the first seven picks of the draft were chosen from lottery. Here are the results:

  1. KEY Longfellows
  2. HVV Violence
  3. SYR Blizzard
  4. BOS Wildcats
  5. PHI Griffins
  6. OCD Beach Dudes
  7. FFL Froglickers

Mark your calendars for important draft-related dates:

PROTECTION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 30th at 9pm ET
TRADES can be made up until the protection deadline
DRAFT: Tuesday, September 5th starting 8pm ET
TEAMS ELIGIBLE TO PROTECT 6 PLAYERS: KEY, HVV, SYR, BOS, PHI, OCD, FFL. All others eligible to protect 5. See the rules or ask Ying if you have questions.