Playoff Scenario Entering Week 12

The trade deadline is in the rear-view mirror and the FFL playoff picture is coming into focus. Here’s a quick summary of where things stand leading into Week 12. Reminder there are 3 Thanksgiving games (Lions vs. Vikings 12:30pm; Cowboys vs. Chargers 4:30pm; Redskins vs. Giants 8:30pm).

With 2 weeks left in the regular season it seems very likely the playoff participants will be: New Pepper, Boston, Keystone, Chicago, Syracuse, and Dallas.  With 2 weeks left in the regular season, these 6 teams all have at least a 2-game lead on the rest. Happy Valley is the only remaining team with a slim shot at a wildcard spot (see Dallas below).

The division races are all still wide open. As a reminder, the 3 division winners are all in PLUS three wildcard teams (next best W-L records).


New Pepper (10-1): One game left (vs BOS, week 13 bye). If NPP beats BOS this week, they clinch the division and the #1 playoff seed.

Boston (8-2): Two games left. If Boston wins out (beats NPP and HVV), then BOS clinches the division and the #1 playoff seed (would win a division tiebreaker vs. NPP based on a better division record if both teams finish 10-2).


Keystone (8-2): Two games left (vs. CHI and OCD). One win clinches the division. In a tiebreaker for playoff seeding, KEY did not play NPP this year so the tiebreaker would be overall points (KEY leads). KEY lost to BOS head-to-head this year, so KEY would lose a playoff seeding tiebreaker to BOS.

Chicago (6-3-1): Two games left (vs. KEY and FFL). CHI can win the division if they win both remaining games *and* KEY loses both remaining games. CHI is guaranteed at least a wildcard berth.


Syracuse (6-3-1): Two games left (vs. MER and DAL). SYR clinches the division if they win both remaining games. SYR is guaranteed at least a wildcard berth.

Dallas (6-4): Two games left (vs. HVV and SYR). If DAL wins both remaining games, they win the division. If they split their two remaining games, they are guaranteed at least a wildcard berth. DAL can get knocked out of the playoffs if they lose their two remaining games *and* if Happy Valley (4-6) wins their two remaining games (both would be 6-6, and HVV would win a head-to-head tiebreaker).