DAL captures Patero Division; playoff schedule finalized

Dallas delivered the knockout blow to Syracuse this weekend to capture the Paterno Division championship and the #3 seed, so our playoff rosters are set. Dallas’ 103-90 win is the first time a team has topped 100 points this year. These are arguably the two hottest teams in the league right now, and it might also be the highest-ever score for a losing team, but I’m too lazy to research that.

The overall point race has tightened considerably over the past couple weeks. Keystone still leads but several teams are now in play:
1. Keystone 864
2. Boston 840
3. Syracuse 832
4. New Pepper 820
5. Dallas 812
There’s a 120+ point drop after that (Chicago Mud @ 689)


Week 14 (Wild Card Round):
#1 New Pepper Patriots (11-1) – BYE
#2 Keystone Longfellows (9-3) – BYE
#3 Dallas Armadillos (8-4) vs. #6 Chicago Mud (6-5-1)
#4 Boston Wildcats (9-3) vs. #5 Syracuse Blizzard (7-4-1)

Week 15 (Semi-Final Round):
NPP will choose their oppononent from the winners of the Wild Card Round
KEY will play the team NPP does not choose

Week 16:
Fantasy Bowl XXVI