Wildcats and Mud advance to semi-finals

The wildcard round is over, and the FFL GOO fan base awaits the big decision: will the New Pepper Patriots choose to play the Boston Wildcats or the defending champion Chicago Mud in the semi-final round?

We got to this point with Boston scoring a big 82-71 win over Syracuse, while Chicago pulled the upset with a 70-64 win over the Armadillos.

Syracuse doesn’t have far to look beyond the concussed Alvin Kamara, who got knocked out early and contributed 0 points. Dallas doesn’t have far to look beyond Tom Brady — the highest scoring QB in our league this year posted only 6 points in a disappointing loss.

New Pepper must pick their opponent from Boston and Chicago, and Keystone awaits the other team. Keystone kept in playoff form during their bye week scoring 79 points. New Pepper, on the other hand, apparently went to beach for their bye week, scoring only 23 points.


#1 New Pepper (11-1) vs. TBD (#4 Boston 10-3 OR #6 Chicago 7-5-1)
#2 Keystone (9-3) vs. TBD (BOS or CHI)