New Pepper picks Chicago

With a brief note simply reading “Let’s start with the 2nd City boys … Chicago Mud” the top-seeded New Pepper Patriots selected their opponent for the semi-final round. Our FFL GOO Semi-Finals are set:

#1 New Pepper Patriots (11-1) vs. #6 Chicago Mud (7-5-1)
#2 Keystone Longfellows (9-3) vs. #4 Boston Wildcats (10-3)

New Pepper beat Chicago 79-37 when they played in week 7 this season, with Zeke Elliott contributing a significant portion (35 points) of that total. With Elliott serving the final week of his suspension, one might expect a closer contest this time around. BUT, then again, if you look back to the previous time these two teams met (2014) the Mud lost 74-39, so maybe a trend is afoot.

And this is the first time in league history that two franchises who changed their team names at the beginning of the season will meet in a playoff game. Just another useless stat, but instead of seeing it on ESPN you read it here on FFL GOO. (Editor’s Note: Actually, I didn’t even research this. I just *think* it’s the first time this has ever happened. So FFL GOO might actually be fake news.)

But back to real news in fantasy football, the other semi-final matchup features the top two scoring teams in the league: Keystone (943 points) vs. Boston (922 points). These two teams had a barn burner in week 3, with the Wildcats topping the Longfellows 89-72. Both teams have numerous players on their roster (KEY: 8, BOS: 7) who have put up 20+ point weeks sometime this season, so this could be another slugfest.

Syracuse and Dallas might have lost in the wild card round, but both are still within striking distance in points (SYR 903 – 40 back; DAL 876 – 67 back) and have both leapfrogged New Pepper (843 – 100 points back) in the overall points race since week 12. But Zeke Elliott is back for the final TWO weeks of the season and those points will all count. The top TWO teams in overall points receive prize money.