Longfellows to meet Mud in Fantasy Bowl XXVI

The top-scoring team in the league up to this point will meet the defending champions in Fantasy Bowl XXVI. Keystone posted the highest score of any team this season as the Longfellows clobbered Boston 106-80. Todd Gurley’s 37 points proved the difference, and is the highest single scoring week for any fantasy player this season.

Keystone will meet the Chicago Mud, who knocked off top-seeded New Pepper 72-62. The Mud enjoyed big games from Cam Newton and Melvin Gordon. New Pepper was hampered by the injury to Antonio Brown, but Patriots fans are also questioning the coaches, who failed to post a starting kicker for the week’s game.

Boston and New Pepper will meet in Week 16 to play for third place.

In the points race, Keystone and Boston remain #1 and #2, and pulled ever so slightly ahead of Syracuse (74 this week) and Dallas (54).