Fantasy Football Flyer MEGA 2017 Wrap-Up

It’s SNOWPOCALYPSE 2018.1 in New England, and the University is already closed for Thursday due to the weather forecast, so since I can sleep in I decided to conjure up “Night Owl Ying” and do our 2017 end-of-season mega update to the FFL-GOO website, stats pages, and spreadsheet for this year.

BIG THANKS to Trz for updating all the scores in the league spreadsheet throughout the season.

Speaking of spreadsheet — it’s a wrap for 2017. All updates are done, and prospect-eligible players are highlighted (baby blue). Top Players are also now additional tabs in the spreadsheet and will not be lists posted on going forward. 40 players scored 100+ points this season (last tab on spreadsheet).
Visit the league docs page and click the link for the 2017 Spreadsheet.
FFL League Docs:
(It’s a Google Sheet on Google Docs website, but you can also export it as an Excel file if you want. If you need help google “export Google Sheet as Excel file”)

Congratulations to Keystone for winning the Grand Slam of the league — both the Fantasy Bowl and the Points Championship in the same season. That was only done 6 times previously, and all by different teams.
Year-by-Year Finishes:

You might have heard that scoring was down this year in the NFL for the first time in several years. Our league records reflect that trend. FFL-GOO teams scored a combined 11,694 points on the year, the lowest since 2010. The average FFL-GOO team scored 52.9 points per week this season, the lowest total since 2011.
FFL-GOO Points Trends:

We only had 2 teams break 100 points in a game this year. It’s now happened 62 times in our 26-year history.
All 100+ Point Games:

New Pepper’s 11-game winning streak this season ties a league record that only happened ONCE before — the 1995 Griffins are the only other team who have won 11 in a row (and that was with a 14-game regular season in 1995)

Oregon only scored a total of 52 points for the entire year at the RB position. If you think that’s historically bad, you would be close. It’s the second-worst ever. In 1997 the Mission Viejo Impossibles only managed to score 29 points at RB for the entire year.
Highs/Lows for Positions:

Tom Brady finished as the highest-scoring QB, and it seems a little surprising this is only the second time he’s been the top QB in FFL-GOO. Todd Gurley was the top-scoring RB, De’Andre Hopkins was the top-scoring WR/TE, and Justin Tucker the top-scoring K.
High Players by Position:


The Beach Dudes will have the highest number of chances (18) in the draft lottery followed by Philadelphia (17).
2018 Draft Lottery Chances:

Other than the lottery picks, Mercer will have the 1st pick in all other rounds.
2018 Regular Draft Order:

Divisions for 2018 are posted:

I’m hoping SNOWPOCALYPSE 2018.1 drifts *away* from my sidewalk and driveway, because my snowblower is in the shop for repairs and not coming home until next week. Wish me luck 🙂
Happy 2018 everyone!