2017 Wrap-Up From Nick


  • Highest single season transaction usage ever $622.
  • Old high was $558 (2014)
  • As usual 8 of last 9 years Eggo had the fewest transactions
  • And, as usual Sam and Ying led the lead with most, Sam 102 and Ying 96; narrowly missing records of 110 by Ying (2014) and 108 by Sam (2015)


  • Ver was in the money for the first time since 2010.
  • He had 3rd biggest payout ever of $906; Sam had $940 (2014) and Weavers $912 (2013)
  • And, for the first time ever, Ver ended with the biggest payout in the league.  He was second in 2002 and 2010 seasons


  • KEY Ver and BOS Ying, both lottery picks this season, had this year’s biggest payouts.
  • No surprise, they sported the biggest team point improvements: BOS Ying 11th place overall last season to 2nd; followed by KEY Ver 7th to 1st
  • Biggest drop was BOB Banger 4th to 13th (last)


  • Longest current streak in the money is now 5 consecutive seasons by DAL Paul/Sam
  • 2009 was last time FFL Zilb had a winning record
  • HVV Trz/Chris/Jeff had their first back-to-back losing seasons since they became team owners (in 2011).  The last time this franchise had consecutive losing records was in 2000 (capping an annual run of 4 consecutive losing seasons, the first four seasons that Ross Hessler was the owner after replacing David Lieberman).
  • PHI Fisher had losing seasons consecutively for first time ever!
  • NPP Rich/Mike had their first consecutive winning seasons since 1992-93 first two years of league when Slick was the franchise owner.
  • NPP is a combined 21-3 over the last two regular seasons.  OCD Dan/Ross are 5-19 over the same span.