Week 3 update

We are three weeks into the 2018 season, and we only have one undefeated team remaining (New Pepper Patriots) and two winless teams remaining (OCD Beach Dudes, MER Mustangs).

This week starts the beginning of the waivers process, so all drop/adds after kickoff will be queued up and go through the waiver process every Tuesday night at 9pm EST. After Tuesday waivers, transactions go back to first-come, first-serve until the next kickoff. The waivers period ends and all transactions revert to first-come, first-serve after kickoff week 11.

We’ve seen some high scores through the first 3 weeks, including 100+ point games each week so far (Dallas, Keystone, and Miami in that order). In the previous 26 seasons, we’ve had 62 scores of 100+ points — an average of 2.3 times per season.

So that got me wondering if teams scoring 100+ points 3 weeks in a row was a new record in our league. Answer: It is not. We’ve had numerous instances of 2 weeks in a row with 100+ scores. We’ve only once before saw 100+ point games 3 weeks in a row, but it didn’t stop at three: it happened in FOUR consecutive weeks in 2004:

Week 13: BOS Wildcats 127
Week 14: BOS Wildcats 102
Week 15: BOS Wildcats 113
Week 16: PHI Griffins 109

The funny thing about that 2004 BOS Wildcats team: it didn’t make the playoffs but finished second overall in points (and lost 109-61 to the Griffins in the consolation bracket). It was the ultimate bust-to-boom team, starting the year 2-7, but finishing 8-8. The average score in the 8 losses was 37 pts/wk; the average score in the 8 wins was 87 pts/wk. (The WR trio of Chad Johnson, Joe Horn and Drew Bennett broke out big time after week 9, and a young RB by the name of Larry Johnson made a big splash starting in week 12.)

But enough FFL nostalgia … here’s the early line as of Tuesday night for week 4 FFL matchups:

KEY 70% favorite over OCD
NPP 70% favorite over PHI
BBF 65% favorite over CHI
DAL 65% favorite over FFL
BOS 55% favorite over MIA
HVV vs. BOB toss up
MER will still be winless after week 4, since they have a bye.

Happy first weekend of fall, everyone … and ROAR, LIONS ROAR!!!