Trade Deadline Upon Us

A final reminder the trade deadline is kickoff this week.

  • Kickoff week 11 is the trade deadline.
  • ALSO: drop/add goes back to first-come, first-serve after the trade deadline.
  • AND, only players on a roster from week 11 forward can be protected going into 2019 season.

The league spreadsheet will be updated late next week (Friday after Thanksgiving, most likely).

With 3 weeks left in the regular season, it appears as though teams will need around 7 wins to make the playoffs.

  • Keystone is already at 7 wins
  • 4 other teams (DAL, BBF, NPP, and BOS) have 6 wins.
  • Those teams have a pretty good shot at making the playoffs (3 division winners + next 3 best records as wild cards).
  • MER, OCD, and MIA (3 wins) would need a lot of help.
  • PHI (2 wins) is probably technically out of contention.
  • The remaining teams (BOB, CHI, HVV, FFL) will likely be in contention for the final playoff spot or two.

In the points race, it’s looking more like a 2-team battle down the stretch. KEY is in the lead, DAL is in second place, and all other teams are over 100 points behind DAL. At this pace, the only competition will be between Terry and Sam.