Rule Change Proposals

Leave comments on this post with your rule change proposals during/after 2018 season. As per Rule 1.1, we will collect proposals here, discuss/refine the language starting August 1, 2019, and finalize proposals by protection deadline in August 2019.


6 thoughts on “Rule Change Proposals

    1. I’d prefer we simply expand the roster by one. Since we’ve dropped from 14 to 13 teams, we’re leaving more potential starters on the waiver wire…which means less trading during the season. I’d like to see more interaction amongst us all before and during the season. Also concerned about the “IR” since it includes suspensions, which seem to be happening more frequently in the NFL. Should we further advantage those teams who target PED or other suspended players knowing they can stash them at zero cost. At least if they take up a bench spot there is some minor cost to having/holding them.

  1. I propose we add 1/2 point-per-reception to our scoring rules. The 1 point PPR failed a few years ago when we voted. I got the sense 1/2 point would be more acceptable.

    1. I am okay with this change, but it does deserve further consideration and discussion. It will change scoring in our league somewhat dramatically – so historical records become less relevant. Also, since it changes the value of specific types of players, it should have a long lead time to implement so teams can plan accordingly. I would not be in favor of voting on this one in August and it beginning that season. The PPR concept may be passe. It seemed more relevant a few years ago when teams had more distinct RBs – one who predominantly ran, goalline, 3-yards and a cloud of dust types, and scat backs who only caught screens. Seems those roles are morphing on more and more teams. The other trend is towards way more passing in the NFL, eliminating another need years ago for the PPR boost – making WRs of equal value to RBs. Today, it almost seems to be switching in value. So, PPR or 1/2 PPR may be a fad (more so than a trend) which FFLGOO wisely sat out.

  2. We should eliminate the restriction from adding RBs/WRs/TEs from Week 13 on, or perhaps limit it to those teams not in the playoffs. Deciding which players to add and when is a part of the strategy in Fantasy football so why shouldn’t it continue during the all important playoff weeks? Yearlong starters lost over weeks 11-13 that won’t play in Week 14: Odell Beckham, A.J. Green, Melvin Gordon, James Conner, Kareem Hunt, Matt Breida, Greg Olsen, Sammy Watkins, Marvin Jones. Wouldn’t our playoffs be more exciting and a better representation of team management if some of the above could be replaced by their backups?

    1. Emanuel Sanders too. Would be fun to take a chance on Penn Stater DaeSean Hamilton, but no one can because of this restriction. Allowing adds all season might occasionally require playoff teams to drop potential prospects or tradeable players, choosing between winning now over next year’s value.

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