Annual Transactions Refresher

Here’s a quick refresher of our transaction rules. 

• Drop/Adds are first-come, first-serve until kickoff week 3. 
• After kickoff week 3, the waivers process is used until week 11. 
• After kickoff week 11, drop/adds return to first-come, first-serve. 
• All players involved in any transaction during first-come, first-serve must be from a team whose game has been completed for that week. 
• Teams can make a maximum of 2 adds each week before Tuesday 9pm; additional adds can be made thereafter 

During first-come, first-serve drop/add I cannot approve transactions on the CBS website until Tuesdays around noon, but CBS records the time transactions are submitted and I’ll approve them asap. 

During waivers, transaction requests are processed asap after 9pm Tuesdays. 

As always, call or text if you have any questions.