Transactions delay and TRADE DEADLINE

Sorry folks – I did not process transactions Tuesday night at the deadline, so I’m getting caught up this morning.

I rejected two transaction requests for Brian Hill that arrived after 9pm Tuesday night, and ran the other five through waivers. Congratulations, Happy Valley — the proud owners of a spiffy new Falcons running back.

The remainder – 4 other transactions – were all uncontested.

A quick reminder that KICKOFF THIS WEEK IS THE TRADE DEADLINE. You can trade any player up until the time of his team’s kickoff this week. Also remember that only players on a roster continuously from kickoff this week through protection deadline next fall can be on protected rosters for 2020 season.

We are in the playoff stretch and going into Week 11, only the defending champs — Boxboro Blowfish — have been eliminated from division contention. Every other team could conceivably still win their division. All teams are still conceivably in the playoff hunt.

Lastly – Ying will be traveling this weekend — to Penn State Friday night, at PSU for the game Saturday (Go Lions!!), and remain with family in PA Sunday and Monday. I will have sporadic access but will also be on the go, so text or phone me will be best when reporting trades.