Week 12 Update

The quietest trade deadline ever came and went, without a trade. Just another oddity in this strange season.

With only two weeks remaining in the regular season, very little has been decided and the playoff race is very wide open.

We know that either the Big Bang (8-2) or the Griffins (7-3) will win the Engle Division. Both teams are all but locks for a playoff spot either way.

We know that Mercer (6-4) is ONE win short of clinching the Cappelletti Division, with games remaining vs. DAL (4-7) and CHI (4-6).

We know that anything could happen in the Paterno Division. Orange County has moved into first place with a 6-4 record. All other teams — Thorobreds, Longfellows, Muffdivers — have identical 5-5 records.

We know six teams will go to the playoffs. Things look bleak for Dallas and Happy Valley — both 4-7, with one game (and one bye) left each. A 5-7 record is not likely to get a playoff spot.

But a 6-6 record this year looks like it might be in the running for a wild card. So in addition to the aforementioned teams with 5-5 records, there are four teams with 4-6 records that might have a shot if they win out: Wildcats, Blowfish, Froglickers and Mud.

Remember the playoff teams from last year? Entering week 12, NONE OF THEM have a winning record. This is what they were seeded in 2018 and where they currently stand in 2019:

1. Longfellows 5-5
2. Blowfish 4-6
3. Thorobreds 5-5
4. Armadillos 4-7
5. Wildcats 4-6
6. Violence 4-7

Go Lions — kick some Buckeye Butt! Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck in FFL. Remember there are 6 NFL teams playing Thanksgiving so be aware of early lineup decisions. Thanksgiving weekend games will be our final regular season week, and a lot is still on the line.