NCT clinches; KEY and OCD are in

Congratulations to the New Chester Thorobreds, winner of the Paterno Division by virtue of their win this week over Miami combined with holding the tiebreaker over both Keystone and Orange County. The Thorobreds will enter the playoffs with the #3 seed.

The final two playoff spots will go to Keystone and Orange County. The KEY vs. OCD game this week is still too close to call going into the Monday night game, but both teams will make the playoffs due to losses by both Miami and Frelinghuysen.

The winner of the KEY vs. OCD game will hold the #5 playoff seed, and the loser will be the #6 playoff seed.

Mercer with a win this week secures the #2 overall seed. Mercer will join #1 seed Big Oregon Bang with byes during the first week of the playoffs.

REMINDER: With kickoff week 13 behind us, there are no transactions involving running backs or receivers. For weeks 14-15-16, you can only add a QB (*if* you drop a QB) or you can only add a K (*if* you drop a K). See rules 6.3.13 and 6.3.14 if you have any questions.

I’ll post end-of-regular-season info later this week, including 2020 draft order, draft lotteries chances, etc.

Good luck to all playoff teams, and remember that points continue to count through week 17, and at least one non-playoff team remains in striking distance of a top-2 overall point finish.