Will BOB pick KEY or OCD???

The wild card playoff round is over, and the curse of the #3 seed continues.

Third-seeded New Chester was knocked out of the championship race with a 63-58 loss to the Orange County Beach Dudes. Since changing our playoff format to the current 3 division winners plus 3 wild cards, the #3 seed has NEVER made it out of the first round of the playoffs.

And the top-seeded wild card — Philadelphia Griffins — also went down to defeat, soundly getting stuffed by the Longfellows, 86-47.

Yet again this year, the top two seeds are fortunate to have byes the first round. Big Oregon Bang (48 pts) would have lost to all but PHI, and Mercer (35 pts) would have lost to all other playoff teams.

We now await the decision from the Big Bang: will they choose to play the Longfellows or the Beach Dudes? Oregon has until Wednesday evening 8pm EST to make that decision. If Oregon declines to make a selection by the deadline, their opponent will be Orange County. Mercer will face off against the team that BOB does not choose.

In other scores, the Boston Wildcats continue to do fantastic when they don’t have an opponent. After scoring a whopping 131 points in week 8 during their bye, the Wildcats scored 107 points after failing to make the playoffs. Scores for non-playoff teams this week:

Boston 107
Frelinghuysen 79
Happy Valley 76
Miami 64
Boxboro 62
Dallas 40
Chicago 32

Stat of the week: here is the opponent’s point average against each team this year through the regular season. The average weekly score of all teams was 59 points.

BOB 62
BOS 74
BOX 61
CHI 60
DAL 57
FFL 56
HVV 59
KEY 58
MER 53
MIA 57
NCT 58
OCD 58
PHI 53