Fantasy Bowl XXVIII: Oregon vs. Keystone

The matchup is set for the 2019 Fantasy Bowl. Top-seed Big Oregon Bang (10-3) will face the fifth-seeded Keystone Longfellows (9-5) for the league’s 28th championship game. The Big Bang ousted Orange County 74-63 in the semi-finals, while Keystone easily dispatched Mercer 77-53.

The Mustangs (8-5) and Beach Dudes (7-7) will face each other for the 3rd-place consolation game.

Keystone becomes only the second team in league history to reach 3 consecutive Fantasy Bowls. The Boston Wildcats went to 3 consecutive Fantasy Bowls 1999 through 2001 (BOS lost all three).

This will be the sixth appearance for the Big Bang in the championship game, going 2-3 in 5 previous appearances, last winning in 2009. This will be the 5th Fantasy Bowl appearance for the Longfellows, who are 2-2 in 4 previous appearances, last winning in 2017.

And with two weeks remaining in the season, Keystone leads Oregon 1087-1052 in the overall points race. This is likely an insurmountable lead over the rest of the field. Only two other teams (Blowfish with 985, Wildcats with 904) are above 900 points.