COVID-19 Rules

Rules adopted and notes about the 2020 season in light of the global pandemic. Will be updated as situations warrant. Fairness and flexibility will be the ultimate goal dealing with this unprecedented situation.

Rostering “season opt out” players

  • Players who chose the “season opt-out” from the NFL will essentially remain on the roster of the team that had them at the end of the 2019 season. They can be protected going into 2021 season if you want, without losing a service year.

COVID IR; and games postponed due to COVID outbreaks

  • Players who are out because of COVID-19 can be placed on IR. Everything else treated as a regular IR transaction, but teams are not charged fees for COVID-related transactions.
  • We’ve also interpreted this to cover players whose games are cancelled because of COVID-19. So players on teams with games that are postponed due to COVID-19 outbreaks can be placed on IR under same rules.
  • Players placed on COVID-19 for a postponed game MUST BE REACTIVATED before their team’s next scheduled NFL game, unless they are otherwise eligible for injury or health IR; in which case they will be taken off COVID-IR (free transaction) and placed on regular IR (and appropriate cost for the regular IR transaction would apply).
  • If an NFL game is rescheduled from a Sunday or Monday game to a Tuesday night, the transaction waivers deadline will be moved to Wednesday night at 9pm that week.
  • A player added to your roster may be placed on COVID-IR *if* the player is placed on NFL’s COVID-IR after you added him; *or if* the player’s game that weekend is postponed due to COVID after you added him.

What constitutes an FFL Season?

  • The NFL season must last 10 weeks or more for our fantasy season to be official. If the NFL needs to cancel without getting 10 weeks in the books, our fantasy season 2020 will be cancelled, games/stats will not count, and league fees paid for 2020 will be applied toward 2021 season.

What if the FFL season is 10+ weeks but doesn’t finish because of a COVID shutdown?

  • Prize money will be distributed by percentage of weeks played (17 weeks expected). Unpaid moneys will be credited equally to 2021 season entrance fees.
  • Points money will be paid out as per existing rules.
  • Place money will be distributed based upon win percentage of teams that are playoff eligible at the time the season is suspended.
  • Points trophy will be awarded as per existing rules
  • Fantasy Bowl trophy will not be awarded.