Season is official; trade deadline next week

We are at kickoff week 10 of the fantasy football season, so we will have an official season even if there are Covid-related disruptions to the NFL season.

  • if the NFL season continues through 17 weeks, we will hold our playoffs and award a Fantasy Bowl championship
  • if the NFL season is unable to continue through 17 weeks, we will only award a Fantasy Points championship

NEXT WEEK also marks our usual season deadlines, so keep these in mind:

  • kickoff next week is the TRADE DEADLINE: no trades after next week until after the season
  • kickoff next week is PROTECTION CUTOFF: no players added to your roster after next week are eligible for protection
  • transactions return to first-come, first-serve after all week 11 games are played. (Remember that CBS sports website keeps the players “locked” so first-come transactions are recorded on first, and then processed on CBS starting on Tuesday each week.)

In what has been an odd season to say the least, we have only 5 teams with losing records. Our Fantasy Bowl teams from 2019 are among those with losing records. Over half the league (seven teams) are at or within 2 games of a .500 record. With 4 weeks remaining, it feels like anything could happen playoff-wise in FFLGOO … if the NFL manages to get the full season in.