FFL-GOO Two Week Warning

Instead of a two minute warning, it’s a two week warning: two weeks remain in the FFL-GOO regular season. We will, at a minimum, have a points championship this year. We hope to get our playoffs in as well. With two weeks left, no division has been clinched yet.

Keep an eye on Covid situations: Steelers vs. Ravens that was moved from Thursday to Sunday afternoon, has NOW been moved to Tuesday night. If you have players on those teams, follow the news and weigh your risks accordingly when setting your lineups this week.

Refresher: three division winners make the playoffs, and three wild cards from the remaining 3 best records.

– Quarterfinals (NFL week 14): Seeds #1 and #2 have byes; Seed #3 vs. Seed #6, and Seed #4 vs. Seed #5.
– Semifinals (NFL week 15): Seed #1 chooses their opponent from the quarterfinal winners; the other two teams face off vs. one another.
– Fantasy Bowl (NFL week 16) and consolation game.
– Points continue to count through NFL week 17.


Engle Division:
Chicago Mud (8-2); one win away from clinching division; clinched at least a wild card spot.
New Chester Thorobreds (6-3-1); could win division at 8-3-1 if CHI finishes 8-4.

Cappelletti Division:
Philadelphia Griffins (7-3); one game lead.
Happy Valley Violence (7-4); has only has one game left.
Boston Wildcats (5-4-1); could win the division at 7-4-1 if PHI and HVV both finish 7-5.

Paterno Division:
Boxboro Blowfish (6-4); one win away from clinching division; AND >125 points ahead of the pack in the points race.
Dallas Armadillos (5-6); has only has one game left; would win a tiebreaker vs. BOX if both teams finish 6-6.


Miami Muffdivers (5-5)
Orange County Dudes (5-5)
Either could finish 7-5 and be involved in tiebreaker scenarios.


— Four teams have 5 wins now, and three of them could finish with 7 wins.
— Which means we could have a logjam of 7-win teams.
— The BOS vs. NCT regular season tie game could be a factor: a 7-4-1 team would win a tiebreaker over a 7-5 team, for instance.
— And if it came down to a wild card tiebreaker between BOS and NCT, total points would be the determining factor.


— Our 2019 playoff teams have not fared well this year: two division winners from last year (MER and BOB) will not make the playoffs, as well as last year’s Fantasy Bowl champion (KEY).

Good luck to those still competing for playoff spots. For those not in the playoff hunt, remember that MORE POINTS during these weeks can slightly improve your draft lottery chances, so please stay engaged!