1.07 Weeks Remaining FFL-GOO Update

Week 12 is almost finished, with the Steelers vs. Ravens game still expected to be played Wednesday afternoon. In FFL-GOO, only a couple players are involved in the PIT-BAL game and it is extremely unlikely to change any win/loss outcomes this week.

A note about transactions: CBS has delayed their waivers this week to accommodate PIT-BAL, so I will:
1. record submitted transactions on fflgoo.com; BUT
2. I cannot process them on CBS until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning

e.g. first-come, first-serve transactions will be official, recorded on the transactions page on fflgoo.com, but you will not see changes on CBS until late Wed or early Thu.


With one week left in the regular season, no division has been clinched although four teams — Mud, Thorobreds, Violence, Griffins — have secured AT LEAST a wild card spot. Any of those 4 could still win their division. Also, the Paterno Division winner — either the Blowfish or Armadillos — will get the fifth playoff spot.

The last wildcard slot is up for grabs between the loser of the Blowfish-Armadillos division race, and the Beach Dudes, Wildcats, or Muffdivers.

Engle Division:
Chicago Mud (8-3); remains one win away from clinching division.
New Chester Thorobreds (7-3-1); would win division at 8-3-1 if CHI finishes 8-4.

Cappelletti Division:
Philadelphia Griffins (7-4); wins the division with a week 13 win (holds head-to-head tiebreaker over HVV)
Happy Valley Violence (8-4); regular season complete; wins the division if PHI loses their week 13 game

Paterno Division:
Boxboro Blowfish (6-5); remains one win (or tie) away from clinching division.
Dallas Armadillos (5-6); would win a tiebreaker vs. BOX if both teams finish 6-6.


Orange County Beach Dudes (6-5); a win for the Dudes would clinch the final wildcard spot. They lose head-to-head tiesbreakers with either BOX, DAL, or MIA in a 6-6 tie.

Boston Wildcats (5-5-1); 6-5-1 would still beat a 6-6 team in playoff scenarios, so the Wildcats need a week 13 win, PLUS a week 13 loss by the Beach Dudes.

Miami Muffdivers (5-6); A 6-6 Miami team would get the final spot if they win PLUS if the Wildcats and Beach Dudes both lose.

Interesting to note the team nearly 100 pts ahead in overall point standings — Boxboro — may not make the playoffs. A loss this week to the Muffdivers combined with an Armadillos win would knock the Blowfish out of the playoff picture.

Good luck to the remaining contenders!