FFL-GOO Playoff Outlook

We still have one NFL game left on Tuesday, but I sure do hear the fat lady warming up her voice in FFL-GOO. Let’s take a look.

Chicago Mud – finishes 9-3 and will be the #1 seed.

Boxboro Blowfish – finishes 7-5 and will be the #3 seed.

New Chester Thorobreds – finishes 8-3-1 and will be the #4 seed.

Philadelphia Griffins lead Dallas Armadillos 64-50.5
+ PHI has K Justin Tucker in the Tuesday game
+ DAL has RB J.K. Dobbins in the Tuesday game

— IF the Griffins win this week, they win the division, finish 8-4, and will be the #2 seed. Happy Valley Violence would be the #5 seed.
— IF the Armadillos win this week, HVV (8-4) would win the division and be the #2 seed, PHI (7-5) would be the #5 seed, and DAL (6-6) would get the final wild card spot.

Not Dead Yet:

Orange Co. Beach Dudes — lost week 13, finishes 6-6, BUT would still get the final wild card spot if both the Armadillos and Wildcats lose. OCD loses a tiebreaker to DAL if they both finish 6-6.

Boston Wildcats — losing week 13 to Mercer, but could finish 6-5-1 if Amari Cooper scores more than 33 points. (Rumor has it Wildcats administrative offices are already packing the trucks to move to Pennsylvania.)

So to recap:
IN: #1 Chicago Mud, #3 Boxboro Blowfish, #4 New Chester Thorobreds
IN: Philadelphia Griffins and Happy Valley Violence (division winner #2 seed; other team #5 seed)
ONE SPOT LEFT: for either Beach Dudes, Armadillos, or Wildcats