Who Will The Mud Choose?

FFL-GOO Owners await the decision of the Chicago Mud: will they choose to play the Blowfish or the Violence?

The 2020 quarterfinals are complete, and the Boxboro Blowfish have dispatched the Orange County Beach Dudes 71-55.5. In the meantime, the Happy Valley Violence have demolished the New Chester Thorobreds 101.5-39. The Blowfish and Violence advance, and we await Mr. Feldman’s decision on his opponent to finalize the semifinal matchups. The Griffins will face the remaining quarterfinal winner.

The Mud have also closed the total points gap with the Blowfish, and Boxboro now holds a 46-point lead (1288-1242) over Chicago with three full weeks remaining in the points race. The Froglickers (1093.5) are a distant third with the Griffins and Violence (1073.5) tied for 4th in points.

Playoff matchups will be posted when our #1 seed makes his choice.

UPDATE: The Mud has spoken:

Our 2020 semifinal lineup is set.

#1 Chicago Mud (9-3) vs. #5 Happy Valley Violence (9-4)
#2 Philadelphia Griffins (8-4) vs. #3 Boxboro Blowfish (8-5)

Good luck, gentlemen!