Mud Wins Fantasy Bowl XXIX

The Chicago Mud has won the franchise’s fifth league championship with a 81.5-63 win over the Philadelphia Griffins in Fantasy Bowl XXIX. The Mud ties the Blowfish franchise for most titles (5) in league history. The Griffins extend their record for most Fantasy Bowl appearances (11) and title game losses (7).

The Boxboro Blowfish — as they have done several times this year — led the week in points and won the consolation game, 123-102.5, over the Happy Valley Violence. The Blowfish finish 3rd in the playoffs, but have likely sealed up the points championship, as they enter the final week of play with an 82.5-point lead over second-place Mud.

For the fifth-place game, the New Chester Thorobreds defeated the Orange County Beach Dudes 80.5-29.

Celebrate the new year safely, everyone, and here’s hoping for better things in 2021!