The league conducts most transactions through CBS Sports website, but since that service does not support the concept of first-come, first-serve transaction periods, our league’s IR rules, or trading future draft picks, this page is the transaction report of record for the league.

2020 Regular Season:

  • 9/24: BOS places WR Jalen Reagor (Eagles) on IR; adds TE Hayden Hurst (Falcons)
  • 9/22: KEY drops QB Drew Lock (Broncos); adds RB Darrell Henderson (Rams)
  • 9/21: BOB drops RB DeeJay Dallas (Seahawks); adds TE Jonnu Smith (Titans)
  • 9/21: DAL drops WR N’Keal Harry (Patriots); adds WR Tre’Quan Smith (Saints)
  • 9/21: BOS drops QB Daniel Jones (Giants); adds QB Ryan Tannehill (Titans)
  • 9/21: OCD places RB Saquon Barkley on IR; adds RB Wayne Gallman (Giants)
  • 9/21: CHI places RB Duke Johnson on IR; adds QB Justin Herbert (Chargers)
  • 9/21: BOB drops WR Sterling Shepard (Giants); adds RB Myles Gaskin (Dolphins)
  • 9/21: DAL drops WR Brandin Cooks (Texans); adds RB Dion Lewis (Giants)
  • 9/20: KEY places WR Michael Thomas (Saints) on IR; adds RB Peyton Barber (Washington Football Team)
  • 9/18: KEY places WR A. J. Brown (Titans) on IR; adds WR Russell Gage (Falcons)
  • 9/18: MIA places RB Le’Veon Bell (Jets) on IR; adds RB Frank Gore (Jets)
  • 9/18: KEY drops WR Mecole Hardman (Chiefs); adds WR Parris Campbell (Colts)
  • 9/15: PHI places WR Deebo Samuel (49ers) on IR; adds WR Corey Davis (Titans)
  • 9/15: NCT places RB Marlon Mack (Colts) on IR; adds RB Adrian Peterson (Lions)
  • 9/15: KEY drops RB Bryce Love (Washington Football Team); adds TE Dallas Goedert (Eagles)
  • 9/14: BOB drops QB Baker Mayfield (Browns); adds WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Packers)
  • 9/10: BOX places RB Devine Ozigbo (Jaguars) on IR; adds RB Chris Thompson (Jaguars)
  • 9/10: HVV drops K Matt Gay (Bucs); adds RB Jerick McKinnon (49ers)
  • 9/8: DAL places RB Damien Harris (Patriots) on IR during draft
  • 9/8: MER places RB Ryquell Armstead (Jaguars) on IR [COVID] during draft
  • 9/8: PHI places RB Rashaad Penny (Seahawks) on IR during draft

2020 Preseason:

  • KEY Longfellows trade WR DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals) to MIA Muffdivers for WR Michael Thomas (Saints)
  • PHI Griffins trade RB LeVeon Bell (Jets) to MIA Muffdivers for 2020[2] draft pick.
  • PHI Griffins trade WR DJ Chark (Jaguars) to OCD Beach Dudes for 2020[3] draft pick and a possible 2021 draft pick (conditional*).
  • BOS Wildcats trade WR Stefon Diggs (Bills) to MIA Muffdivers for WR Amari Cooper (Cowboys)
  • DAL Armadillos trade WR Michael Gallup (Cowboys) to BOX Blowfish for 2021 conditional** draft pick.
  • PHI Griffins trade RB Ryquell Armstead (Jaguars) and draft picks 2020[6] and 2020[8] to MER Mustangs for MER’s 2020[4] pick and a conditional*** 2021 pick.
  • PHI trades 2020[7] draft pick to MIA for MIA 2021[8] draft pick.

 Traded Draft Picks

  • PHI has BOX 2020[7] pick – pick swapping pre-draft
  • PHI has KEY 2020[8] pick – pick swapping pre-draft
  • PHI has MIA 2020[2] pick – LeVeon Bell trade
  • PHI had OCD 2020[3] pick – D.J. Chark trade
  • PHI has MER 2020[4] pick – Ryquell Armstead trade
  • MER has PHI 2020[6] and 2020[8] picks – Ryquell Armstead trade
  • MIA has PHI 2020[7] pick – pick swapping pre-draft
  • PHI has MIA 2021[8] pick – pick swapping pre-draft
  • *PHI may have OCD 2021 pick: If Chark scores over 100 points in 2020, PHI gets OCD 2021[5] pick, OR; if Chark scores over 140 points in 2020, PHI gets OCD 2021[3]. Points pro-rated to number of games played by his NFL team in 2020 season (not based on player as a starter).
  • **DAL may have BOX 2021 pick: If WR Michael Gallup finishes 2020 top 12 in league WR points – 2nd round 2021 pick; 13-24 – 3rd round; 25-36 – 4th round; 37-48 – 5th round; and 49-60, 6th round pick. If he is outside of top 60 no pick exchanged.
  • ***PHI/MER may swap 2021 picks: If RB Ryquell Armstead in 2020 scores 100 or greater fantasy points, MER will trade 2021[3] pick to for PHI 2021[5] pick.