2017 Protected Rosters

Here are protected rosters prior to 2017 draft.

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2017 Draft Lottery Results

The 2017 draft lottery was held at Nick’s house on Saturday July 17. In attendance were owners Nick Fisher, Mike White, Rich Sladic, Jim Waugh, David Zilberfarb, Terry Muth, Doug Weaver, and Ron Yeany.

The order for the first seven picks of the draft were chosen from lottery. Here are the results:

  1. KEY Longfellows
  2. HVV Violence
  3. SYR Blizzard
  4. BOS Wildcats
  5. PHI Griffins
  6. OCD Beach Dudes
  7. FFL Froglickers

Mark your calendars for important draft-related dates:

PROTECTION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 30th at 9pm ET
TRADES can be made up until the protection deadline
DRAFT: Tuesday, September 5th starting 8pm ET
TEAMS ELIGIBLE TO PROTECT 6 PLAYERS: KEY, HVV, SYR, BOS, PHI, OCD, FFL. All others eligible to protect 5. See the rules or ask Ying if you have questions.

Dallas Wins Points Championship

The Dallas Armadillos win the FFL-GOO league points championship for 2016, finishing the year with 1,213 points. New Chester finishes second with 1,159. The Fantasy Bowl champion Mud finish out of the money in a close third place, 26 points behind at 1,133.

This is the second time in the past three years that Dallas has captured the top points trophy. They also won the points championship in 2014. The Armadillos have now finished 1st or 2nd in total points in four of the past six seasons.

With the win of the points championship and a runner-up finish in the Fantasy Bowl, Dallas wins the most prize money this year. New Chester finishes 2nd in overall prize money. Approximate payouts this year will be:

MIM – Champions (425)
DAL – RunnerUp (300) + High Points (320) (620 total)
NCT – 3rd Place (250) + RunnerUp Points (260) (510 total)
MIA – 4th (200)
MER – 5th (175)
BOB – 6th (160)

The Orange County Beach Dudes get the dubious distinction of finishing with the lowest points this season, clocking in at 714 total points. In a season when 3 teams had 100+ point scores in a single week, the poor Beach Dudes finished the year with just 99 TOTAL POINTS for all their running backs combined. (And if you think this is a historic low, you would be wrong … it’s been worse for a few a teams at RB through the years, but none moreso than in 1997 when an FFL team managed to score only 29 points FOR THE YEAR combined at RBs. That team is also very familiar to Orange County – it was the Mission Viejo Impossibles.)

Orange County’s 10-game losing streak this season is the longest since New Chester lost 10 in a row in 2009. The Mud become the 6th team in league history to record a 10-game winning streak within a season. The longest winning streak in one season was an 11-game winning streak for the Griffins in 1995.

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees TIED for the highest-scoring FFL player this year, each finishing at 283 points as a starter. David Johnson was highest-scoring RB (247), Jordy Nelson at receiver (157) and Justin Tucker at kicker (167). There were 43 fantasy players that posted 100+ points as starters this season. The list is ranked here:

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2016 Top Players

Here are all the players who scored 100+ points as starters in 2016 season.

Rank Player POS NFL Team FFL Team Points
1 Drew Brees QB NO DAL 283
Aaron Rodgers QB GB PHI 283
3 David Johnson RB ARZ BOB 247
4 Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL NCT 237
5 Andrew Luck QB IND OCD 224
6 Matt Ryan QB ATL MIA 213
7 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT HVV 194
8 LeSean McCoy RB BUF SYR 193
Tom Brady QB NE FFL 193
10 LeGarrette Blount RB NE PHI 191
11 Derek Carr QB OAK MIM 182
12 LeVeon Bell RB PIT DAL 180
13 DeMarco Murray RB TEN FFL 177
14 Justin Tucker K BAL PHI 167
15 Davonta Freeman RB ATL BOS 165
16 Marcus Mariota QB TEN BOB 161
17 Kirk Cousins QB WAS BOS 160
18 Melvin Gordon RB SD MIM 159
19 Jordy Nelson WR GB MIM 157
20 Antonio Brown WR PIT NCT 147
21 Jordan Howard RB CHI KEY 143
22 Odell Beckham Jr WR NYG MIM 142
23 Adam Vinatieri K IND HVV 140
Mark Ingram RB NO SYR 140
25 Mike Evans WR TB NCT 134
26 Julio Jones WR ATL DAL 132
Cam Newton QB CAR NCT 132
28 Stephen Gostkowski K NE BOS 127
29 Matt Prater K DET MIA 126
30 Carson Palmer QB CIN MER 119
31 Brandin Cooks WR NO BOS 117
32 Jeremy Hill RB CIN NCT 111
Jonathan Stewart RB CAR MER 111
34 Matt Bryant K ATL FFL 110
Caleb Sturgis K PHI BOB 110
36 Matt Forte RB NYJ FFL 109
T.Y. Hilton WR IND FFL 109
38 Brandon McManus K DEN KEY 105
Doug Baldwin WR SEA OCD 105
Andy Dalton QB CIN SYR 105
41 Russell Wilson QB SEA KEY 104
Carlos Hyde RB SF MIA 104
43 Jay Ajayi RB MIA MIM 100