Week 13 Playoff Outlook

Greetings, FFL-GOO Owners! I hope everyone is enjoying great food, football, friends and family.

As we enter the final weekend of the regular season, the playoff picture is much clearer in two of our three divisions.

ENGLE DIVISION: Big Bang (9-2) has clinched the division and the #1 overall seed. Griffins (8-3) have clinched the top-seeded wild card slot. BOS and BOX are eliminated from playoff contention.

CAPPELLETTI DIVISION: Mustangs (7-4) have clinched the division. CHI, HVV, DAL are all eliminated from playoff contention. MER holds the tiebreaker over both NCT and OCD for the #2 seed.

PATERNO DIVISION: A 3-way tie going into the final weekend with Thorobreds, Beach Dudes and Longfellows all at 6-5. New Chester controls their destiny — a win over Miami, and they win the division as they hold the tiebreaker over both KEY and OCD. The other pivotal game is KEY vs. OCD this weekend. The winner of that game is assured a playoff spot, and if NCT loses the winner of this game wins the division.

WILD CARDS: Three wild cards advance to the playoffs.
— PHI has clinched (#4 overall seed).
if NCT wins then the winner of KEY vs. OCD is in (#5 overall seed) PLUS one team at 6-6.
if NCT loses then two teams at 6-6 would get in.

We could have as many as four teams finish 6-6. The loser of the KEY vs. OCD game will be 6-6. New Chester (6-5), Miami (5-6) and the Froglickers (5-6; vs. PHI this week) could all finish 6-6.

FYI: in case one of these games ends in a tie this week, 6-5-1 is a better record than 6-6.


Gobble, gobble, goo! Happy Thanksgiving!

2019 Rule Change Vote

There were 4 rule change proposals this year. Here’s the outcome of the vote we held before the draft.

Prop 1 – increase the active roster from 14 to 15.
The vote failed after 7 NAY votes.

Prop 2 – add 1/2 point per reception to our scoring system.
The vote passes 7 YAY, 6 NAY.
This will be incorporated into scoring rule changes to be implemented prior to the 2020 season.

Prop 3 – allow open drop/add of RBs WRs and TEs after week 13.
The vote failed after 8 NAY votes.
There was considerable discussion that a similar rule tying a post-season drop add specifically to an injury would likely pass and could be proposed in that form next year.

Prop 4 – change regular season schedule so each team plays each other team once; division selections would remain the same.
Noted during discussion – this will require change to tiebreaker rules for divisions. We agreed head-to-head tiebreaker now simply applies instead of division record, with total points second tiebreaker.
The vote passed unanimously with one abstention.
The 2020 season will use the play-each-team-once approach, and tiebreaker rules will be rewritten to accommodate as noted.

2019 Pre-Season

PROTECTION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 28th at 9pm EST 
Please email your protected rosters to Ying. 

DRAFT: Tuesday, September 3rd starting 8pm EST 

PHI Griffins 
FFL Froglickers 
MIA Muffdivers 
BOB Big Bang 
MER Mustangs 
OCD Beach Dudes 
CHI Mud 
All other teams are eligible to protect 5 players. 

If you protect your full amount, you must protect one prospect — a prospect must have started 5 or fewer games the previous year. Prospect-eligible players are highlighted blue on the year-end spreadsheet from last year. 


Section 5.4 of the rules details player protections. 

The final spreadsheet (rosters) from last year: 

The “CPR” column on the spreadsheet is Consecutive Protections Remaining. Players with 0 CPR can only be protected with a team’s franchise tag. Each team has only one franchise tag to use each year. 

The draft board is also updated, included draft picks traded last year. 

2019 Draft Lottery Results

The 2019 draft lottery was held Saturday July 13 at the Fisher Summer Party. Ying showed up with a cigar box full of dice of various colors we can re-use each year, and (after drinking the fine lager) we re-christened a growler that Nibs showed up with as the Kevin Mack Memorial Lottery Jug, which will be the storage container and the vessel from which we conduct the draft lottery each year. We did it on Facebook Live so for better or worse you can view it from Ying’s page.

And without further ado the first seven picks, in this order …

  1. PHI Griffins (13 – number of chances)
  2. BOB Big Bang (10)
  3. MER Mustangs (16)
  4. MIA Muffdivers (17)
  5. CHI Mud (6)
  6. OCD Beach Dudes (11)
  7. FFL Froglickers (11)