Playoff Schedule – Wild Card Round

Congratulations to the Boston Blowfish, winners of the Engle Division, #2 playoff seed, and first-round playoff bye by virtue of their 61-57 win over New Pepper. The Patriots will take the #3 seed into the playoffs.  

Also congratulations to Happy Valley who captured the final wild card spot by beating the Froglickers 34-19 while at the same time the Chicago Mud failed to grab the final playoff spot in losing 62-36 to the Beach Dudes.

Here are the playoff matchups for the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

#1 seed Keystone Longfellows (9-3) – BYE
#2 seed Boston Blowfish (8-4) – BYE

#3 seed New Pepper Patriots (7-5) vs. #6 seed Happy Valley Violence (7-5)

#4 seed Dallas Armadillos (8-4) vs. #5 seed Boston Wildcats (7-5)

Remember that as the #1 seed, Keystone will choose their opponent for the semi-final round from among the winners of the wild card round.

Remember also that points continue to count through Week 17.

Playoff Outlook Week 13

What looked like a pretty clear playoff picture entering the Week 12 Monday night game was turned on its ear after Lamar Miller’s big game propelled Happy Valley to an upset win over Keystone. Additional upset losses by the Armadillos and the Blowfish have created a logjam.

Not only are the Violence back in the playoff hunt, we have the possibility of 4 teams tied with 7-5 records for the 3 wild card positions.

Keystone Longfellows (8-3) and New Pepper Patriots (7-4) are division winners by virtue of head-to-head tiebreakers over the 2nd-place teams in their divisions: Dallas Armadillos (7-4) and Boston Wildcats (7-5) respectively.

Game of the Week #1 is Boston Blowfish vs. New Pepper. Both teams are 7-4. The Blowfish would clinch their division with a win.

Game of the Week #2 is Chicago Mud vs. Orange County. With a win, the Mud would clinch a playoff spot at 7-4-1 AND could still win their division if the Blowfish lose. A Mud loss here opens the door for the Violence.

Here’s the breakdown by team:

KEY (8-3) – Paterno division winner. #1 playoff seed. (Next opponent: PHI)

NPP (7-4) – Cappelletti division winner. #2 seed with a win this week; #3 seed with a loss this week. (Next opponent: BBF)

*BBF (7-4) – Would clinch Engle division and #2 playoff seed with win this week. (Next opponent: NPP)

CHI (6-4-1) – Would clinch Engle division with a win PLUS a Blowfish loss. Clinches a playoff spot with a win. Eliminated with a loss PLUS a Violence win. (Next opponent: OCD)

*DAL (7-4) – Huge point lead for tiebreakers, so all but assured of wild card spot. (Next opponent: MIA)

*BOS (7-5) – Sizeable point lead for tiebreakers, so reasonably assured of wild card spot. Regular season complete at 7-5 (Week 13 bye)

*HVV (6-5) – Week 13 win PLUS a loss by the Mud clinches playoff spot (Next opponent: FFL)

*Any and/or all of these four teams could finish 7-5. The applicable tiebreaking rules are described in Rules 4.3.2 and 4.4. In a nutshell, HVV would lose tiebreakers on best net points to any other 7-5 team.

Eliminated from playoff contention:

Oregon (4-6-1)
Frelinghuysen (4-7)
Mercer (4-7)
Orange Co. (4-7)
Miami (4-7)
Philadelphia (3-8)

Trade Deadline Upon Us

A final reminder the trade deadline is kickoff this week.

  • Kickoff week 11 is the trade deadline.
  • ALSO: drop/add goes back to first-come, first-serve after the trade deadline.
  • AND, only players on a roster from week 11 forward can be protected going into 2019 season.

The league spreadsheet will be updated late next week (Friday after Thanksgiving, most likely).

With 3 weeks left in the regular season, it appears as though teams will need around 7 wins to make the playoffs.

  • Keystone is already at 7 wins
  • 4 other teams (DAL, BBF, NPP, and BOS) have 6 wins.
  • Those teams have a pretty good shot at making the playoffs (3 division winners + next 3 best records as wild cards).
  • MER, OCD, and MIA (3 wins) would need a lot of help.
  • PHI (2 wins) is probably technically out of contention.
  • The remaining teams (BOB, CHI, HVV, FFL) will likely be in contention for the final playoff spot or two.

In the points race, it’s looking more like a 2-team battle down the stretch. KEY is in the lead, DAL is in second place, and all other teams are over 100 points behind DAL. At this pace, the only competition will be between Terry and Sam.

Gronk & Allen on the move

With the trade deadline one week away, we have a trade to report: Dallas Armadillos have traded TE Rob Gronkowski and a 2019 2nd round pick to the Orange County Beach Dudes for WR Keenan Allen and a 2019 6th round pick.


— Kickoff week 11 (next week) is the trade deadline.
— ALSO: drop/add goes back to first-come, first-serve after the trade deadline.
— AND, only players on a roster from week 11 and forward can be protected going into 2019 season.

Might be time you to look at the spreadsheet, look at your rosters, protections, potential prospects, etc.
(password: fflgoo)

With 3 division championships and 3 wild cards up for grabs, it’s clear there’s a divide as we hit the home stretch. Six teams (KEY, BOS, BBF, DAL, CHI and NPP) in our league have winning records and would take those playoff spots if the season ended today. BOB and HVV at 4-4 are on the cusp. And while no one has been technically eliminated yet from playoff or wild card contention, five teams with either 2-6 or 3-5 records have a steep hill to climb: MIA, OCD, FFL, PHI, and MER.

Good luck down the playoff stretch!

FFL-GOO division/W-L history added to CBS Sports site

Goo! Happy Saturday after a Penn State win. It’s a rainy day in New England so I watched the Lions win and am now watching the Red Sox and finally finished something I think you all might enjoy: I’ve backfilled our FFL-GOO league W-L and division standings into CBS Sports.

The big caveat here is historical information is associated with the FRANCHISE. I can enter info prior to 2011 for the existing teams in CBS, but I can’t edit team names to reflect history prior to 2011.

  • CHI Mud is listed with 4 titles under Most Championships, but the first of those two (1993 and 1996) were from when Sam owned the team (LA Riot!) from 1992-1997.
  • New Pepper is listed with 2 titles, but the first of those is when the franchise was State College Bandits (our first champion in 1992).
  • Happy Valley was originally Pittsburgh, and was Mission Viejo before returning to State College.
  • If you need the history of our existing franchises, look here:

All-Time Standings include ALL our W-L-T going back to 1992.

Best franchise record all-time: Griffins (255-135-5)
Five (of 14) franchises have winning records in our history:
Griffins (.652); Riot/Mud (.589); Wildcats (.576); Bang (.546); and Longfellows (.542)
Pachyderms/Impossibles/Violence just dipped under .500 (now .499).

This history page (accessible under League > History in the nav menu at the top of our League pages on CBS) has our total W-L. Clicking a year under the Championships list will take you to a page with final division standings for that year, playoff games, and badge for the points champion too.

Or go to Year By Year tab ( and use the dropdown menu to select any year going back to 1992.

(NOTE: Points and head-to-head history on the CBS Sports site still only go back to 2011 when we started using that platform.)


We are into the second half of our 2018 season, and there is a clear top/bottom divide entering week 8.
– Six teams have 5 or 4 wins.
– Six teams have 1 or 2 wins.
– The only team in a middle tier is 3-4 Chicago, despite scoring 3rd most points – they’ve had the most points scored against them (524)

We had our first in-season trade this year: Griffins sending LeSean McCoy to New Pepper. Of course there are conditional clauses involving potential draft picks! It wouldn’t be a Griffin trade without it!
(The Fine Print: PHI **may** have NPP’s 2019[5] in the LeSean McCoy deal. PHI gets the additional pick if a) McCoy averages 6pts/game or more weeks 8-17 not including a bye week; and b) NPP makes it to the Fantasy Bowl game; and c) if McCoy is not suspended 4 games or more. All 3 conditions must be met for PHI to get the additional pick.)

REMINDER: We are 3 weeks away from the FFL trade deadline, which is kickoff week 11.

REMINDER: Protected players for next year must be on an FFL roster continuously starting week 11 this year (e.g. players “added” after kickoff week 11 are not eligible for protection for 2019 season).

Week 3 update

We are three weeks into the 2018 season, and we only have one undefeated team remaining (New Pepper Patriots) and two winless teams remaining (OCD Beach Dudes, MER Mustangs).

This week starts the beginning of the waivers process, so all drop/adds after kickoff will be queued up and go through the waiver process every Tuesday night at 9pm EST. After Tuesday waivers, transactions go back to first-come, first-serve until the next kickoff. The waivers period ends and all transactions revert to first-come, first-serve after kickoff week 11.

We’ve seen some high scores through the first 3 weeks, including 100+ point games each week so far (Dallas, Keystone, and Miami in that order). In the previous 26 seasons, we’ve had 62 scores of 100+ points — an average of 2.3 times per season.

So that got me wondering if teams scoring 100+ points 3 weeks in a row was a new record in our league. Answer: It is not. We’ve had numerous instances of 2 weeks in a row with 100+ scores. We’ve only once before saw 100+ point games 3 weeks in a row, but it didn’t stop at three: it happened in FOUR consecutive weeks in 2004:

Week 13: BOS Wildcats 127
Week 14: BOS Wildcats 102
Week 15: BOS Wildcats 113
Week 16: PHI Griffins 109

The funny thing about that 2004 BOS Wildcats team: it didn’t make the playoffs but finished second overall in points (and lost 109-61 to the Griffins in the consolation bracket). It was the ultimate bust-to-boom team, starting the year 2-7, but finishing 8-8. The average score in the 8 losses was 37 pts/wk; the average score in the 8 wins was 87 pts/wk. (The WR trio of Chad Johnson, Joe Horn and Drew Bennett broke out big time after week 9, and a young RB by the name of Larry Johnson made a big splash starting in week 12.)

But enough FFL nostalgia … here’s the early line as of Tuesday night for week 4 FFL matchups:

KEY 70% favorite over OCD
NPP 70% favorite over PHI
BBF 65% favorite over CHI
DAL 65% favorite over FFL
BOS 55% favorite over MIA
HVV vs. BOB toss up
MER will still be winless after week 4, since they have a bye.

Happy first weekend of fall, everyone … and ROAR, LIONS ROAR!!!