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1997 Top Players

Here are the top players for 1997 in the Fantasy Football League. These represent only those players who scored 100 points or more during the 1997 season. Points were only tabulated when the player was in an FFL starting lineup.

Player Name (position/FFL team) — Yardage, TDs — FFL points

  1. Sanders, Barry (RB/PA) — 2053 rush, 305 rec, 14 TDs — 255
  2. Davis, Terrell (RB/NY) — 1757 rush, 287 rec, 15 TDs — 237
  3. Favre, Brett (QB/MV) — 3867 pass, 187 rush, 36 TDs — 186
  4. Bettis, Jerome (RB/MI) — 1665 rush, 110 rec, 9 TDs — 174
  5. Levens, Dorsey (RB/NK) — 1335 rush, 330 rec, 10 TDs — 150
  6. Kaufman, Napoleon (RB/CL) — 1294 rush, 403 rec, 8 TDs — 144
  7. Bledsoe, Drew (QB/NK) — 3389 pass, 56 rush, 27 TDs — 144
  8. George, Eddie (RB/MI) — 1399 rush, 44 rec, 7 TDs — 135
  9. Freeman, Antonio (WR/WN) — 1243 rec, 14 rush, 12 TDs — 134
  10. George, Jeff (QB/MR) — 2808 pass, 35 rush, 23 TDs — 133
  11. Moore, Rob (WR/MV) — 1380 rec, 8 TDs — 131
  12. Carter, Cris (WR/NK) — 1069 rec, 13 TDs — 130
  13. Hollis, Mike (K/PA) — 37 XPs, 31 FGs — 129
  14. Smith, Rod (WR/SY) — 1166 rec, 16 rush, 12 TDs — 128
  15. Abdul-Jabbar, Karim (RB/PA) — 769 rush, 214 rec, 15 TDs — 124
  16. Smith, Robert (RB/DS) — 1266 rush, 197 rec, 7 TDs — 123
  17. Moore, Herman (WR/DS) — 1293 rec, 8 TDs — 118
  18. Galloway, Joey (WR/NP) — 1014 rec, 72 rush, 12 TDs — 116
  19. Dillon, Corey (RB/KS) — 981 rush, 177 rec, 8 TDs — 115
  20. Elam, Jason (K/RD) — 46 XPs, 26 FGs — 114
  21. Irvin, Michael (WR/RD) — 1180 rec, 9 TDs — 113
  22. Young, Steve (QB/WN) — 2521 pass, 143 rush, 20 TDs — 111
  23. Brunell, Mark (QB/NY) — 2975 pass, 257 rush, 19 TDs — 111
  24. Vinatieri, Adam (K/MI) — 40 XPs, 25 FGs — 111
  25. Thigpen, Yancey (WR/PA) — 1256 rec, 3 rush, 6 TDs — 110
  26. Elway, John (QB/RD) — 2411 pass, 104 rush, 24 TDs — 108
  27. Brown, Tim (WR/SY) — 1408 rec, 19 rush, 5 TDs — 108
  28. Anderson, Jamal (RB/SY) — 980 rush, 256 rec, 10 TDs — 106
  29. Marino, Dan (QB/DS) — 3521 pass, -11 rush, 15 TDs — 105
  30. Mitchell, Scott (QB/CL) — 3160 pass, 83 rush, 18 TDs — 101
  31. Fryar, Irving (WR/WN) — 1316 rec, 6 TDs — 101
  32. Martin, Curtis (RB/PA) — 1160 rush, 296 rec, 5 TDs — 101
  33. McNair, Steve (QB/PA) — 2498 pass, 629 rush, 19 TDs — 100
  34. Hearst, Garrison (RB/NP) — 1019 rush, 194 rec, 6 TDs — 100
  35. Longwell, Ryan (K/WN) — 45 XPs, 21 FGs — 100

1997 Transactions

April 25, 1998

  • Boston trades Karim Abdul-Jabbar, RB, Dolphins, to Richmondfor the Raptor’s true 1998 2nd round draft pick.

Dec. 11, 1997

  • Syracuse drops Chris Boniol, K, Eagles; adds Olinda Mare, K, Dolphins

Dec. 4, 1997

  • Los Angeles drops Olinda Mare, K, Dolphins; adds Jeff Jaeger, K, Bears
  • Syracuse drops Morten Anderson, K, Falcons; adds Chris Boniol, K, Eagles

Nov. 27, 1997

  • Los Angeles drops Jeff Graham, WR, Jets; adds James McKnight, WR, Seahawks
  • Carolina drops Jermaine Lewis, WR, Ravens; adds Derrick Mason, WR, Oilers
  • Pennsylvania drops George Jones, RB, Steelers; adds Todd Petersen, K, Seahawks

Nov. 25, 1997

  • Pennsylvania drops Freddie Jones, TE, Chargers; adds Quinn Early, WR, Bills

Nov. 21, 1997

  • Richmond drops Cole Ford, K, Raiders; adds Jerald Moore, RB, Rams

Nov. 19, 1997

  • Carolina drops Leslie Sheppard, WR, Redskins; adds Sean Dawkins, WR, Colts
  • Carolina drops Joe Aska, RB, Raiders; adds Harvey Williams, TE, Raiders

Nov. 16, 1997

  • Keystone drops Ty Detmer, QB, Eagles; adds Bobby Hoying, QB, Eagles
  • Newport Beach drops Chris Chandler, QB, Falcons; adds Glenn Foley, QB, Jets
  • Pennsylvania drops Horace Copeland, WR, Buccaneers; adds Ricky Proehl, WR, Bears

Nov. 11, 1997

  • Syracuse drops Scott Blanton, K, Redskins; adds Craig Whelihan, QB, Chargers
  • New York drops Jerris McPhail, RB, Dolphins; adds Ron Moore, RB, Cardinals

Nov. 9, 1997

  • Dallas drops Stan Humphries, QB, Chargers; adds Craig Erickson, QB, Dolphins

Nov. 5, 1997

  • New Denver drops Anthony Johnson, RB, Panthers; adds Zack Crockett, RB, Colts

Nov. 4, 1997

  • Newport Beach drops Rodney Peete, QB, Eagles; adds Chris Chandler, QB, Falcons
  • New Denver drops Todd Collins, QB, Bills; adds Fred Lane, RB, Panthers
  • New Denver drops Chris Boniol, K, Eagles; adds Bobby Engram, WR, Bears

Nov. 2, 1997

  • Mission Viejo drops Eric Bienemy, RB, Bengals (this clears roster spot needed for acquisition of Tshimanga Biakabatuka)

Oct. 28, 1997

  • New York trades Tshimanga Biakabatuka, RB, Panthers to Mission Viejo. New York receives MV’s 1998 1st round draft pick. New York adds Jerris McPhail, RB, Dolphins, to fill empty roster spot. Mission Viejo is required to drop a player, and it will be noted here before the next kickoff.
  • NIKEtown dropped Bobby Engram, WR, Bears; adds Sedrick Shaw, RB, Patriots

Oct. 26, 1997

  • Dallas dropped Karl Williams, WR, Buccaneers; added Eddie Murray, K, Vikings

Oct. 24, 1997

  • Newport Beach dropped Chris Chandler, QB, Falcons; added Rodney Peete, QB, Eagles
  • Newport Beach dropped Sedrick Shaw, RB, Patriots; added Aaron Hayden, RB, Packers

Oct. 22, 1997

  • Syracuse dropped Ernest Byner, RB, Ravens; added Jake Plummer, QB, Cardinals
  • New Denver dropped Eric Metcalf, WR, Chargers; added Eric Moulds, WR, Bills

Oct. 21, 1997

  • Syracuse dropped Fred Lane, RB, Panthers; added Morten Andersen, K, Falcons
  • Carolina dropped Jerris McPhail, RB, Dolphins; added Erik Kramer, QB, Bears

Oct. 15, 1997

  • Pennsylvania dropped Torrance Small, WR, Rams; added Charles Way, RB, Giants
  • Pittsburgh dropped Quinn Early, WR, Bills; added Brian Mitchell, RB, Redskins

Oct. 14, 1997

  • Pittsburgh dropped Kent Graham, QB, Cardinals; added Danny Wuerffel, QB, Saints

Oct. 11, 1997

  • Wisconsin dropped Brett Conway, K, Packers; added Norm Johnson, K, Steelers

Oct. 9, 1997

  • Pennsylvania dropped Fred Barnett, WR, Dolphins; added Brett Perriman, WR, Dolphins

Oct. 7, 1997

  • Mercer dropped Zack Crockett, RB, Colts; added Danny Kannell, QB, Giants
  • Miami dropped Jim Harbaugh, QB, Colts; added Gus Frerotte, QB, Redskins
  • New Denver dropped Dave Brown, QB, Giants; added Todd Collins, QB, Buffalo

Oct. 5, 1997

  • Mercer dropped John Carney, K, Chargers; added Greg Davis, K, Chargers
  • Carolina dropped Gus Frerotte, QB, Redskins; added Lamar Thomas, WR, Dolphins
  • Keystone dropped Michael Timpson, WR, Eagles; added Matt Stover, K, Ravens

Oct. 3, 1997

  • Syracuse dropped Morten Anderson, K, Falcons; added Scott Blanton, K, Redskins

Sept. 30, 1997

  • Keystone dropped Willie Davis, WR, Oilers; added Mark Bruener, TE, Steelers
  • NIKEtown dropped Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks; added Olinda Mare, K, Dolphins
  • Newport Beach dropped Craig Heyward, RB, Rams; added Amp Lee, RB, Rams
  • New York dropped Brett Perriman, WR, Chiefs; added Al DelGreco, K, Oilers
  • New York dropped Sean Dawkins, WR, Colts; added Frank Wycheck, TE, Oilers

Sept. 28, 1997

  • Carolina dropped Al DelGreco, K, Oilers; added Gus Frerotte, QB, Redskins
  • New Denver dropped Eric Pegram, RB, formerly Chargers; added Harold Green, RB, Falcons
  • Mercer dropped Frank Wycheck, TE, Oilers; added Gary Anderson, K, 49ers
  • Dallas dropped Todd Collins, QB, Bills; added Stan Humphries, QB, Chargers

Sept. 24, 1997

  • Pittsburgh dropped Chris Jacke, K, Steelers; added James Jett, WR, Raiders
  • Keystone dropped Mark Bruener, TE, Steelers; added Corey Dillon, RB, Bengals
  • Syracuse dropped Gus Frerotte, QB, Redskins; added Troy Brown, WR, Patriots
  • Pennsylvania dropped Jay Riemersma, TE, Bills; added Freddie Jones, TE, Chargers
  • Newport Beach dropped Charlie Jones, WR, Chargers; added Steve Broussard, RB, Seahawks

Sept. 19-21, 1997

  • Syracuse dropped Aaron Hayden, RB, Packers; added Fred Lane, RB, Panthers
  • Syracuse dropped Ernie Conwell, TE, Rams; added Eric Green, TE, Ravens
  • New Denver dropped Alvin Harper, WR, Redskins; added Mark Carrier, WR, Panthers
  • New Denver dropped Corey Dillon, RB, Bengals; added Pete Stoyanovich, K, Chiefs
  • Carolina dropped Ike Hilliard, WR, Giants; added Al DelGreco, K, Oilers
  • Pennyslvania dropped Cary Blanchard, K, Colts; added Torrance Small, WR, Rams

Sept. 12-14, 1997

  • Pittsburgh/Mission Viejo dropped Reggie Cobb, RB, no team; added Eric Bienemy, RB, Bengals
  • Newport Beach dropped James Jett, WR, Raiders; added John Hall, K, Jets
  • Carolina dropped Fred Lane, RB, Panthers; added Richie Cunningham, K, Cowboys

Sept. 11, 1997

  • Pennsylvania dropped Ted Popson, TE, Chiefs; added Jay Riemersma, TE, Bills

Sept. 9, 1997

  • Carolina dropped Al DelGreco, K, Oilers; added Leslie Sheppard, WR, Redskins

Sept. 6, 1997

  • New Denver dropped dropped Stan Humphries, QB, Chargers; added Dave Brown, QB, Giants
  • Syracuse dropped Joey Kent, WR, Oilers; added Ernie Conwell, TE, Rams
  • Dallas placed Jerry Rice, WR, 49ers on IR; added Vincent Brisby, WR, Patriots
  • Dallas dropped Lamar Thomas, WR, Dolphins; added Karl Williams, WR, Buccaneers
  • Wisconsin dropped Jason Dunn, TE, Eagles; added Ryan Longwell, K, Packers
  • Wisconsin dropped John Friesz, QB, Seahawks; added Warren Moon, QB, Seahawks

Sept. 2, 1997

  • Carolina dropped Eric Moulds, WR, Bills; added Jermaine Lewis, WR, Ravens

Aug. 31, 1997

  • Los Angeles dropped Duce Staley, RB, Eagles; added Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks.

Aug. 26, 1997

  • Carolina dropped Heath Shuler, QB, Saints; added Fred Lane, RB, Panthers.
  • Newport Beach dropped Tommy Boyd, WR, Lions; added Charlie Jones, WR, Chargers.
  • Newport Beach dropped Stanley Pritchett, RB, Dolphins; added Will Blackwell, WR, Steelers.

Pre-draft – Aug. 16, 1997

  • New York traded 2 draft picks — 1997(true 4) and 1998(3) — toState College for Tshimanga Biakabatuka, RB, Panthers.
  • New York trades 2 draft picks — 1997(7) and 1997(8) — toPittsburgh for PG’s 1998(7) pick.


  • New York traded Herman Moore, WR, Lions to Dallas for DS’s 1998 (conditional draft pick to be listed soon).
  • Pennsylvania traded Marshall Faulk, RB, Colts and PA’s 1997(4) draft pick to New York for Steve McNair, QB, Oilers and NY’s 1997(2) draft pick.
  • Newport traded Thurman Thomas, RB, Bills to Dallas for DS’s 1997(3) draft pick.
  • Keystone traded Kerry Collins, QB, Panthers to State Collegefor SC’s 1998(2) draft pick. (3rd round pick if Collins scores less than 41 points whether played or not)
  • New York traded Adrian Murrell, RB, Jets to Keystone for KS’s 1999(2) draft pick. They also traded 1998 draft picks: NY’s 1998(7) for KS’s 1998(6)
  • Los Angeles traded Jason Elam, K, Broncos to Richmond for RD’s 1997(3) draft pick.
  • Richmond traded Neil O’Donnell to Newport for NP’s 1998(3) draft pick.
  • Richmond exercised a clause from a previous trade withPittsburgh and selected Kordell Stewart, QB, Steelers, for free from PG’s roster.
    (RD had the option to select one of: Stewart, Johnnie Morton or Chris Boniol from PG before the 1997 protection deadline)


FUTURE DRAFT PICKS (1998 and beyond)

  • PA has RD’s 1998(2) – Karim Abdul-Jabbar deal
  • NY has MV’s 1998(1) – Tshimanga Biakabatuka deal
  • RD has WN’s 1998(1) – Emmitt Smith deal
  • NY has BR’s 1998(2) – Jamal Anderson deal
  • NY has DS’s 1998(1) – Herman Moore deal
  • KS has ND’s 1998(2) – Kerry Collins deal (if Collins scores less than 41 points whether he is played or not, draft pick drops to a 3rd rounder)
  • RD has NP’s 1998(3) – Neil O’Donnell deal
  • NY has KS’s 1998(6) – Adrian Murrell deal
  • KS has NY’s 1998(7) – Adrian Murrell deal
  • NY has KS’s 1999(2) – Adrian Murrell deal
  • ND has NY’s 1998(3) – Tshimanga Biakabatuka deal
  • NY has MV’s 1998(7) – pre-draft pick swapping 8/16/97

1997 Final Schedule, Scores

WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3
NK 107 vs MI 60 | NK 43 vs MR 27 | NK 50 vs MV 34
ND 18 vs NY 71 | NP 28 vs NY 43 | NY 40 vs WN 46
MR 57 vs NP 51 | MV 29 vs SY 40 | MR 29 vs PA 51
MV 29 vs RD 58 | WN 58 vs RD 24 | NP 41 vs CL 74
WN 14 vs PA 24 | DS 51 vs PA 53 | MI 19 vs DS 36
SY 74 vs DS 45 | MI 71 vs ND 33 | SY 47 vs RD 36
CL 31 vs KS 36 | KS 41 vs CL 36 | KS 22 vs ND 42



WEEK 4 | WEEK 5 | WEEK 6
NK 46 vs WN 63 | MV 29 vs NK 52 | NK 38 vs KS 30
NY 55 vs DS 56 | WN 48 vs NY 26 | NY 59 vs ND 33
MR 54 vs CL 51 | MR 74 vs SY 21 | PA 30 vs MR 49
MV 68 vs KS 66 | PA 49 vs ND 19 | MV 36 vs NP 34
PA 56 vs RD 39 | CL 65 vs NP 45 | WN 36 vs MI 39
NP 30 vs ND 46 | MI 40 vs DS 75 | RD 41 vs SY 48
SY 64 vs MI 49 | KS 31 vs RD 32 | CL 53 vs DS 36



WEEK 7 | WEEK 8 | WEEK 9
NK 30 vs CL 42 | NP 25 vs NK 56 | NK 27 vs NY 93
NY 16 vs SY 79 | NY 63 vs MI 71 | MR 35 vs RD 11
MR 24 vs WN 52 | MR 26 vs MV 19 | MV 69 vs CL 68
MV 25 vs PA 79 | WN 41 vs DS 47 | DS 16 vs WN 27
NP 38 vs KS 25 | CL 59 vs PA 76 | PA 76 vs SY 54
RD 11 vs MI 76 | SY 6 vs KS 39 | KS 41 vs NP 45
DS 52 vs ND 11 | ND 29 vs RD 19 | ND 21 vs MI 40



WEEK 10 | WEEK 11 | WEEK 12
NP 39 vs NK 43 | KS 17 vs NK 30 | SY 44 vs NK 50
MI 41 vs NY 84 | PA 66 vs NY 28 | NY 48 vs MV 44
SY 69 vs MR 51 | DS 17 vs MR 42 | MI 45 vs MR 48
CL 18 vs MV 28 | NP 41 vs MV 27 | KS 20 vs WN 58
ND 24 vs WN 20 | WN 75 vs MI 48 | PA 49 vs NP 30
RD 31 vs PA 37 | ND 10 vs SY 32 | ND 31 vs CL 46
DS 11 vs KS 34 | RD 20 vs CL 41 | RD 40 vs DS 34



WEEK 13 | WEEK 14 | wk 15, 16 & 17
CL 11 vs NK 50 | WN 43 vs MV 38 | playoffs |
DS 19 vs NY 47 | RD 62 vs NP 53 | |
RD 30 vs MR 18 | CL 44 vs SY 58 | ALL | POINTS
KS 48 vs MV 32 | DS 67 vs ND 44 | TEAMS | COUNT
ND 24 vs WN 60 | NY 46 vs MR 31 | MUST | THRU
SY 39 vs PA 74 | PA 80 vs NK 64 | SUBMIT | WEEK
MI 80 vs NP 35 | MI 72 vs KS 36 | LINEUPS | 17

1997 Final Rosters


NIKEtown Knights [NK]
Drew Bledsoe (Patriots); Brad Johnson (Vikings)
Running Back
Ricky Watters (Eagles); Dorsey Levens (Packers); Gary Brown (Chargers); Terry Kirby (49ers); Marcus Allen (Chiefs); Sedrick Shaw (Patriots)
Wide Receiver
Michael Jackson (Ravens); Cris Carter (Vikings); James McKnight (Seahawks); David Dunn (Bengals); Ed McCaffrey (Broncos)
Tight End
Ricky Dudley (Raiders)
Jeff Jaeger (Bears)

Mission Viejo Impossibles [MV]
Brett Favre (Packers); Danny Wuerffel (Saints)
Running Back
Rodney Hampton (Giants); Kimble Anders (Chiefs); Brian Mitchell (Redskins); Tshimanga Biakabatuka (Panthers)
Wide Receiver
Derek Alexander (Ravens); Andre Reed (Bills); Rob Moore (Cardinals); Andre Hastings (Saints); Brian Blades (Seahawks); James Jett (Raiders)
Tight End
Jamie Asher (Redskins); Brent Jones (49ers)
Steve Christie (Bills)

Newport Beach Nightmare [NP]
Neil O’Donnell (Jets); Glenn Foley (Jets)
Running Back
Garrison Hearst (49ers); Amp Lee (Rams); Leon Johnson (Jets); Steve Broussard (Seahawks); Aaron Hayden (Packers)
Wide Receiver
Joey Galloway (Seahawks); Keyshawn Johnson (Jets); Eddie Kennison (Rams); Will Blackwell (Steelers)
Tight End
Ben Coates (Patriots); Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs)
Doug Pelfrey (Bengals); John Hall (Jets)

Big Carolina Bang [CL]
Scott Mitchell (Lions); Erik Kramer (Bears)
Running Back
Chris Warren (Seahawks); Napolean Kaufman (Raiders); Warrick Dunn (Buccaneers); Raymont Harris (Bears); Stephen Davis (Redskins)
Wide Receiver
Curtis Conway (Bears); Chris Sanders (Oilers); Derrick Mayes (Packers); Derrick Mason (Oilers); Sean Dawkins (Colts); Lamar Thomas
Tight End
Harvey Williams (Raiders)
Richie Cunningham (Cowboys)

Keystone Longfellows [KS]
Elvis Grbac (Chiefs); Bobby Hoying (Eagles)
Running Back
Adrian Murrell (Jets); Larry Centers (Cardinals); Greg Hill (Chiefs); Mario Bates (Saints); Darnell Autry (Bears); Corey Dillon (Bengals)
Wide Receiver
O.J. McDuffie (Dolphins); Terry Glenn (Patriots); Chris T. Jones (Eagles); Terrance Mathis (Falcons)
Tight End
Mark Bruener (Steelers)
Jeff Wilkins (Rams); Matt Stover (Ravens)


New York Griffons [NY]
Mark Brunnell (Jaguars); Trent Dilfer (Buccaneers)
Running Back
Terrell Davis (Broncos); Marshall Faulk (Colts); Bam Morris (Ravens); Lawrence Phillips (Rams); Jay Graham (Ravens); Charlie Garner (Eagles); Ron Moore (Cardinals)
Wide Receiver
Carl Pickens (Bengals); Isaac Bruce (Rams); Keenan McCardell (Jaguars)
Tight End
Frank Wycheck (Oilers)
John Kasay (Panthers); Al DelGreco (Oilers)

Wisconsin Cheeseheads [WN]
Steve Young (49ers); Warren Moon (Seahawks)
Running Back
Emmitt Smith (Cowboys); Mike Alstott (Buccaneers); Leeland McElroy (Cardinals); Travis Jervey (Packers); Leroy Hoard (Vikings)
Wide Receiver
Irving Fryar (Eagles); Antonio Freeman (Packers); Rae Carruth (Panthers); Shawn Jefferson (Patriots); Lake Dawson (Chiefs)
Tight End
Shannon Sharpe (Broncos)
Ryan Longwell (Packers); Norm Johnson (Steelers)

Miami Muffdivers [MI]
Tony Banks (Rams); Gus Frerotte (Redskins)
Running Back
Jerome Bettis (Steelers); Natrone Means (Jaguars); Eddie George (Oilers)
Wide Receiver
Jake Reed (Vikings); Marvin Harrison (Colts); Darnay Scott (Bengals); Terrell Owens (49ers); Reidel Anthony (Buccaneers); Michael Haynes (Falcons); Brian Manning (Dolphins)
Tight End
Ken Dilger (Colts)
Adam Vinatieri (Patriots); Michael Husted (Buccaneers)

Dallas Armadillos [DS]
Dan Marino (Dolphins); Craig Erickson (Dolphins)
Running Back
Thurman Thomas (Bills); Robert Smith (Vikings); Rodney Thomas (Oilers); William Henderson (Packers); Sherman Williams (Cowboys)
Wide Receiver
Jerry Rice (49ers) is on IR; Herman Moore (Lions); Andre Rison (Chiefs); Mike Pritchard (Seahawks); Chris Calloway (Giants); Vincent Brisby (Patriots)
Tight End
Eric Bjornson (Cowboys)
Jason Hanson (Lions); Eddie Murray (Vikings)

New Denver 2x4s [ND](aka “STUDS”)
Kerry Collins (Panthers); Jim Druckenmiller (49ers)
Running Back
Zack Crockett (Colts); Antowain Smith (Bills); Harold Green (Falcons); Fred Lane (Panthers)
Wide Receiver
Anthony Miller (Cowboys); Johnnie Morton (Lions); Charles Johnson (Steelers); Eric Moulds (Bills); Courtney Hawkins (Steelers); Mark Carrier (Panthers); Bobby Engram (Bears)
Tight End
Wesley Walls (Panthers)
Pete Stoyanovich (Chiefs)


Mercer Mustangs [MR]
Vinny Testeverde (Ravens); Jeff George (Raiders); Danny Kannell (Giants)
Running Back
Terry Allen (Redskins); William Floyd (49ers); Tiki Barber (Giants); Ray Zellers (Saints)
Wide Receiver
Tony Martin (Chargers); Bert Emanuel (Falcons); Willie Green (Broncos); Ernie Mills (Panthers); Willie Jackson (Jaguars)
Tight End
Troy Drayton (Dolphins)
Greg Davis (Chargers); Gary Anderson (49ers)

Pennsylvania Wildcats [PA]
Steve McNair (Oilers); Troy Aikman (Cowboys)
Running Back
Barry Sanders (Lions); Curtis Martin (Patriots); Karim Abdul-Jabbar (Dolphins); Troy Davis (Saints); Charles Way (Giants)
Wide Receiver
Robert Brooks (Packers); Yancey Thigpen (Steelers); Brett Perriman (Dolphins); Ricky Proehl (Bears); J.J. Stokes (49ers); Quinn Early (Bills)
Tight End
Mike Hollis (Jaguars); Todd Petersen (Seahawks)
Injured Reserve:
Yatil Green, WR (Dolphins)

Syracuse Blizzard [SY]
Jeff Blake (Bengals); Jake Plummer (Cardinals); Craig Whelihan (Chargers)
Running Back
Jamal Anderson (Falcons); Tyrone Wheatley (Giants); James Stewart (Jaguars); Byron Hanspard (Falcons)
Wide Receiver
Tim Brown (Raiders); Jimmy Smith (Jaguars); Rod Smith (Broncos); Frank Sanders (Cardinals); Troy Brown (Patriots)
Tight End
Mark Chmura (Packers); Eric Green (Ravens)
Olinda Mare (Dolphins)

Richmond Raptors [RD]
John Elway (Broncos); Kordell Stewart (Steelers)
Running Back
Ki-Jana Carter (Bengals); Rashaan Salaam (Bears); Errict Rhett (Buccaneers); Lamar Smith (Seahawks); Terrell Fletcher (Chargers); Jerald Moore (Rams)
Wide Receiver
Michael Irvin (Cowboys); Michael Westbrook (Redskins); Muhsin Muhammad (Panthers); Wayne Chrebet (Jets); Henry Ellard (Redskins); Daryl Hobbs (Saints)
Tight End
Jason Elam (Broncos)

McClain wants out

Two-time champion puts franchise up for sale

The perennial championship organization, now known as the NIKEtown Knights, formerly the LA RIOT!, are being offered for sale. Samuel A. McClain, franchise owner, has reported that he is accepting bids to sell the team. Sources close to the team report that the option year in the Nike sponsorship agreement will not be picked up and that may have something to do with the sale.

“We have had quite a string of success and fun during our years with this franchise, but the time has come to move on,” McClain said. “With player attitudes the way they are today, the game is just not the same as back when I first started in Fantasy football. I’ve made enough profit from the additional sponsorships that I can now afford to retire from this racket and spend the free time enjoying football games and actually rooting for a whole team for a change.”

Potential owners will be sought first from existing franchise owners. Perhaps a team that has multiple owners, such as the Keystone Longfellows, Mercer Mustangs or New Denver 2 x 4’s, where the owners might enjoy the freedom of calling their own shots, would be interested. Or, possibly a team that constantly sucks, like the Newport Nightmare, might buy in to finally get some quality players and a shot at the playoffs. The existing team could then be sold or given away to an unsuspecting new owner.

If no current owners are interested, a buyer from outside the league, but hopefully inside the fraternity ranks, will be sought. Of course, any new buyer would be subject to league approval, unlike some past middle-of-the-night-cross-country transactions.

Price is negotiable. Finding a qualified owner who will respect the establish tradition and maintain the quality level of the product that has been consistently produced is more important than price.

The team can be moved and renamed once it is sold. The current owners will retain the rights to both team names that it has used.

Interested parties should e-mail the team offices.

Yeany, Sanders nab awards

PA coach gets commissioner’s award;
Wildcat running back runs off with league MVP

Commissioner Trzeciak has handed out his post-season awards, and the PA Wildcats walked away with both honors. Here is the text of the Commissioner’s press release:

It is my honor and privilege to choose the Outstanding Manager and Player awards for the FFL for 1997.

This year things were a lot easier than last year. Without further ado…

Manager of the Year – Like there was any doubt.

Ron Yeany – Pennsylvania Wildcats – Ying completed a near perfect season (one loss) while also amassing the most points by any single franchise in 1997. Congratulations to Ying. You deserve it!!

Hats off to the Weaver coalition, owners of the Syracuse Blizzard, for a very impressive and somewhat surprising Fantasy Bowl run.

FFL Player of the year –

Barry Sanders – Pennsylvania Wildcats – Running Back, Detroit Lions – I did not take too much time deciding this one either. I hope you will all agree that Barry’s league leading 255 points and his importance to the success of his franchise make this a no brainer.

I hope everyone had fun and we’ll do it all again in about 8 months.