1999 Season Links


1999 Transactions

  • 9 December 1999
    : Boston Wildcats drop Neil O’Donnell, QB, Titans and Marty Booker, WR, Bears; add Jeff Blake, QB, Bengals and Jeff Wilkins, K, Rams.
  • 7 December 1999: New York Griffins drop Charles Evans, RB, Ravens; add Wilmont Perry, RB, Saints.
  • 7 December 1999: Miami Muffdivers drop Scott Mitchell, QB, Ravens; add Tony Banks, QB, Ravens.
  • 1 December 1999: Boston Wildcats activate Ron Rivers, RB, Lions from IR; drop Pete Mitchell, TE, Giants.
  • 1 December 1999: Mission Viejo Impossibles drop Rashaan Salaam, RB; add Mike Cloud, RB, Chiefs.
  • 30 November 1999: New York Griffins drop Basil Mitchell, RB, Packers; add De’mond Parker, RB, Packers.
  • 30 November 1999: New York Griffins drop Keith Poole, WR, Saints; add Charles Evans, RB, Ravens.
  • 25 November 1999: Syracuse Blizzard activates Jake Plummer, QB, Cardinals off IR; drops Rick Mirer, QB, Jets.
  • 25 November 1999: Boston Wildcats move Thurman Thomas, RB, Bills off of 10-week IR onto season-long IR.
  • 23 November 1999: New York Griffins drop Stacey Mack, RB, Jaguars and Andrew Glover, TE, Vikings; add Jermaine Fazande, RB, Chargers and Fred Beasley, RB, 49ers.
  • 21 November 1999: New York Griffins drop Cory Schlesinger, RB, Lions; add Stacey Mack, RB, Jaguars.
  • 21 November 1999: Big Carolina Bang places Cecil Collins, RB, Dolphins on 5-week IR; adds Jim Miller, QB, Bears.
  • 20 November 1999: Freylinghuysen Frog Lickers move both Steve Young, QB, 49ers and Shannon Sharpe, TE, Broncos off of 5-week IR onto season-long IR.
  • 16 November 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Tony Banks, QB, Ravens; adds Cade McNown, QB, Bears.
  • 16 November 1999: Newport Beach Nightmare drops Mario Bates, RB, Cardinals; adds Garrison Hearst, RB, 49ers.
  • 16 November 1999: Graynbald Mud drops Elvis Grbac, QB, Chiefs and Lamar Smith, RB, Saints; add Steve Christie, K, Bills and Joe Montgomery, RB, Giants.
  • 16 November 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Kenny Bynum, RB, Chargers and Moe Williams, RB, Vikings; add Marty Booker, WR, Bears and Pete Mitchell, TE, Giants.
  • 14 November 1999: Dallas Armadillos trade Dan Marino, QB, Dolphins and 2001(round-1) draft pick to New York Griffins for Mark Brunnell, QB, Redskins.
  • 12 November 1999: New York Griffins drop John Avery, RB, Broncos; add Basil Mitchell, RB, Packers.
  • 7 November 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Eric Zeier, QB, Bucs; adds Tony Banks, QB, Ravens.
  • 2 November 1999: New Denver 2x4s drop Demond Parker, RB, Packers and Steve Christie, K, Bills; add Tim Dwight, WR, Falcons and Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks.
  • 31 October 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Joe Horn, WR, Chiefs; adds Marcus Robinson, WR, Bears.
  • 28 October 1999: Miami Muffdivers drop Reidel Anthony, WR, Bucs; add John Kasay, K, Panthers.
  • 27 October 1999: New York Griffins drop Pete Stoyanovich, K, Chiefs; add Andrew Glover, TE, Vikings.
  • 26 October 1999: Newport Beach Nightmare drops Gary Brown, RB, Giants and Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks; adds Leshon Johnson, RB, Giants and Tony Gonzalez, TE, Chiefs.
  • 26 October 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Trent Dilfer, QB, Bucs; adds Eric Zeier, QB, Bucs.
  • 26 October 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Cade McNown, QB, Bears and place Ron Rivers, RB, Lions on 5-week IR; add Kenny Bynum, RB, Chargers and Moe Williams, RB, Vikings.
  • 21 October 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Dedric Ward, WR, Jets; adds Joe Horn, WR, Chiefs.
  • 21 October 1999: Newport Beach Nightmare drops Tony Gonzalez, TE, Chiefs; adds Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks.
  • 19 October 1999: Mission Viejo Impossibles drop O.J. Santiago, TE, Falcons; adds Tiki Barber, RB, Giants.
  • 19 October 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Sean Bennett, RB, Giants; adds Patrick Jeffers, WR, Panthers.
  • 19 October 1999: Syracuse Blizzard places Jake Plummer, QB, Cardinals on 5-week IR; add Damon Huard, QB, Dolphins.
  • 19 October 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Irving Fryar, WR, Redskins and Frank Wycheck, TE, Titans; add Cameron Cleeland, TE, Saints and activate Steve McNair, QB, Titans, from IR.
  • 17 October 1999: Frelinghuysen Frog Licks drop Keith Byars, RB; and place both Steve Young, QB, 49ers and Shannon Sharpe, TE, Broncos on 5-week IR; add Adam Vinatieri, K, Patriots, Jeff Garcia, QB, 49ers, and Andre Rison, WR, Chiefs.
  • 14 October 1999: Graynbald Mud drops Larry Centers, RB, Redskins; adds Stephen Alexander, TE, Redskins.
  • 14 October 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Robert Holcombe, RB, Rams; add Irving Fryar, WR, Redskins.
  • 12 October 1999: Mission Viejo Impossibles drop Todd Peterson, K, Seahawks and Mike Cloud, RB, Chiefs; adds Justin Watson, RB, Rams and Terrence Wilkins, WR, Colts.
  • 12 October 1999: New Denver 2x4s drop Cam Cleeland, TE, Saints; add Jay Riemersma, TE, Bills.
  • 12 October 1999: Keystone Longfellows drop Joe Jurevicius, WR, Giants; activate Wayne Chrebet, WR, Jets, from injured reserve.
  • 8 October 1999: Graynbald Mud drops LeShon Johnson, RB, Giants; adds Olandis Gary, RB, Broncos.
  • 7 October 1999: Mercer Mustangs place Kimble Anders, RB, Chiefs on season-long IR: add Wade Richey, K, 49ers.
  • NOTE: 3 Oct. transaction for FFL is disallowed because Jeff Garcia is a veteran QB, and can’t be added as a 3rd QB on the Frog Lickers’ roster.
  • 6 October 1999: New York Griffins place Terrell Davis, RB, Broncos on season-long IR; add Pete Stoyanovich, K, Chiefs.
  • 6 October 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Stephen Alexander, TE, Redskins; add Robert Holcombe, RB, Rams.
  • 5 October 1999: Syracuse Blizzard drops Kent Graham, QB, Giants and Adam Vinatieri, K, Patriots; adds Az-Zahir Hakim, WR, Rams and Rick Mirer, QB, Jets.
  • 5 October 1999: New York Griffins drop Andre Rison, WR, Chiefs; add John Avery, RB, Broncos.
  • 3 October 1999: Frelingheysen Frog Lickers drop Keith Byars, RB; add Jeff Garcia, QB, 49ers.
  • 3 October 1999: Dallas Armadillos place Ki-Jana Carter, RB, Bengals on season-long IR; add Chris Jacke, K, Cardinals.
  • 30 September 1999: New York Griffins drop Wade Richey, K 49ers; add Brett Conway, K, Redskins.
  • 29 September 1999: Mission Viejo Impossibles drop Sedrick Shaw, RB, Browns; add Rashaan Salaam, RB, Browns.
  • 28 September 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Hines Ward, WR, Steelers; add Stephen Alexander, TE, Redskins.
  • 28 September 1999: Keystone Longfellows drop Morton Anderson, K, Falcons; add Olindo Mare, K, Dolphins.
  • 28 September 1999: Syracuse Blizzard places Jamal Anderson, RB, Falcons on season-long IR; adds Donnell Bennett, RB, Chiefs.
  • 28 September 1999: Graynbald Mud drops Joe Montgomery, RB, Giants; adds Leshon Johnson, RB, Giants.
  • 26 September 1999: Dallas Armadillos drop Ty Detmer, QB, Browns; add Jim Harbaugh, QB, Chargers.
  • 22 September 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Amos Zereoue, RB, Steelers; adds Rashaan Shehee, RB, Chiefs
  • 22 September 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Richie Cunningham, K, Cowboys; adds John Carney, K, Chargers
  • 21 September 1999: Newport Beach Nightmare drops Edgar Bennett, RB, Bears; adds Ken Oxendine, RB, Falcons.
  • 20 September 1999: Syracuse Blizzard drops Andrew Glover, TE, Vikings; adds Byron Hanspard, RB, Falcons.
  • 18 September 1999: Boston Wildcats place Steve McNair, QB, Titans on 5-week IR; add Neil O’Donnell, QB, Titans.
  • 16 September 1999: New York Griffins drop Madre Hill, RB, Browns; add Cory Schlesinger, RB, Lions.
  • 16 September 1999: Boston Wildcats place Thurman Thomas, RB, Bills on 10-week IR; add Jonathan Linton, RB, Bills.
  • 13 September 1999: Miami Muffdivers place Vinny Testeverde, QB, Jets, on season-long IR; add Kurt Warner, QB, Rams.
  • 8 September 1999: Boston Wildcats drop Michael Husted, K, Raiders; add Germaine Crowell, WR, Lions.
  • 8 September 1999: Keystone Longfellows place Wayne Chrebet, WR, Jets on 5-week IR. KEY adds Mickael Ricks, WR, Chargers.
  • 7 September 1999: Big Carolina Bang drops Rashaan Salaam, RB, Raiders; adds Sean Bennett, RB, Giants.
  • 4 September 1999: New Denver 2x4s place Trent Green, QB, Rams on season-long IR — this transaction was done during the draft.
  • 4 September 1999: New York Griffins trade their first 1st-round pick (1999) and their 2000(3) pick to Newport for NPB’s 1999(1) pick and 2000(2) pick.
  • 4 September 1999: New Denver 2x4s trade their 1999(1st round) pick to Mission Viejo for MVO’s 1999(1st round) pick and MVO’s 1999 (3rd round) pick.
  • 4 September 1999: The New York Griffins traded their 1999(6th round) and 1999(8th) to Frelinghuysen for FFL’s 2000(4th) pick.
  • 26 August 1999: The Wisconsin Cheeseheads announced their new team name — Frelinghuysen Frog Lickers. Their symbol for the FFL Web site is, ironically, “FFL”
  • 26 August 1999: Big Carolina Bang trades Charlie Batch, QB, Lions and Charlie Garner, RB, 49ers, to the Mercer Mustangs for Mercer’s 1999 3rd-round pick.
  • 26 August 1999: Boston Wildcats trade Ricky Proehl, WR, Rams to Frelinghuysen Frog Lickers for the Lickers’ 1999 6th-round draft pick.
  • 24 August 1999: Keystone Longfellows trade Vinny Testeverde, QB, Jets to the Miami Muffdivers for Miami’s 2nd-round 1999 draft pick.
  • 9 August 1999: New Denver 2x4s trade 2nd round draft pick, year 2000, to New York Griffons for Duce Staley, RB, Eagles.
  • 17 July 99: New Denver 2x4s trade Terrell Owens, WR, 49ers to the Richmond Rattlin’ Raptors for Richmond’s 1999 1st round draft pick, Richmond’s 2000 1st round draft pick, and if Owens scores more than 100 points in both the 1999 and 2000 seasons, NDV also receives RMD’s 2001 1st round draft pick. (Owens’ scoring counts whether or not Richmond plays him.)

Traded Draft Picks (2000 and beyond)

  • NYG has DAL’s 2001(1) – Brunnell/Marino deal
  • NDV has RMD’s 2000(1) – Terrell Owens deal
  • NDV may conditionally receive RMD’s 2001(1) – Terrell Owens deal (if Owens scores > 100 points in both 1999 and 2000)
  • NYG has NDV’s 2000(2) – Duce Staley deal
  • NYG has FFL’s 2000(4) – Draft pick exchanges, 9/4/99
  • NYG has NPB’s 2000(2) – Draft pick exchanges, 9/4/99
  • NPB has NYG’s 2000(3) – Draft pick exchanges, 9/4/99

1999 Final Standings

Team Overall
Streak Playoff
 C A P P E L L E T T I   D I V I S I O N
MER: Mercer Mustangs 12-4 5-3 809(5) 564(12) Won 1 3rd
GBM: Graynbald Mud 9-7 6-2 934(1) 570(10) Lost 2 4th
MIA: Miami Muffdivers 11-5 6-2 849(4) 623(4) Won 5 5th
DAL: Dallas Armadillos 7-7 3-5 612(11) 565(11) Lost 1 none
FFL: Frelinghuysen Frog Lickers 2-12 0-8 649(9) 703(1) Lost 3 none
 E N G L E   D I V I S I O N
BOS: Boston Wildcats 11-5 6-0 897(3) 540(13) Lost 1 2nd
NDV: New Denver 2x4s 9-7 3-3 738(7) 500(14) Lost 1 6th
CAR: Big Carolina Bang 5-9 3-3 628(10) 572(8) Lost 3 none
RMD: Richmond Rattlin Raptors 3-11 0-6 416(14) 571(9) Lost 4 none
 P A T E R N O   D I V I S I O N
NYG: New York Griffins 11-5 4-4 916(2) 609(5) Won 3 1st
KEY: Keystone Longfellows 8-7 6-2 737(8) 628(3) Lost 1 none
NPB: Newport Beach Nightmare 7-8 4-4 601(12) 574(7) Lost 2 none
MVO: Mission Viejo Impossibles 5-9 4-4 786(6) 666(2) Won 2 none
SYR: Syracuse Blizzard 5-9 2-6 580(13) 585(6) Lost 1 none

Red = Division Champions
Blue = Wildcard
(Points Against only tallied through week 14)

1999 Final Schedule, Scores


NYG 44, DAL 22
GBM 53, MER 42
BOS 82, SYR 26
NPB 49,RMD 53
FFL 33,CAR 38
NDV 61, MIA 38
MVO 66, KEY 56


NYG 29, SYR 17
GBM 60, DAL 21
BOS 65, NDV 20
NPB 37, MVO 36
FFL 62, MER 82
CAR 35, RMD 31
MIA 45, KEY 34


NYG 59, MVO 18
GBM 36, NDV 40
BOS 61, FFL 35
NPB 28, CAR 24
SYR 52, KEY 54
DAL 44, RMD 10
MIA 53, MER 41


NYG 48,KEY 54
GBM 57, MER 35
BOS 68, CAR 43
NPB 52, SYR 14
FFL 23,DAL 64
NDV 27, RMD 20
MIA 42, MVO 35


NYG 60, KEY 70
GBM 57, CAR 46
BOS 55, MIA 53
NPB 38, SYR 14
FFL 39, DAL 51
NDV 26, MER 36
MVO 38, RMD 55


NYG 52, FFL 35
GBM 46, MIA 63
BOS 29, MVO 25
NPB 15, KEY 37
DAL 52, NDV 51
CAR 16, RMD 14
SYR 12, MER 35


NYG 49, GBM 41
BOS 50, RMD 31
NPB 44,MVO 50
FFL 18,MIA 38
CAR 10,NDV 34
SYR 49,KEY 51
DAL 16,MER 40


NYG 72, MVO 41
GBM 86, MIA 50
BOS 53, RMD 22
NPB 27, KEY 49
FFL 23, MER 39
CAR 50, NDV 37
SYR 34, DAL 19


NYG 40, NDV 70
GBM 76, NPB 16
BOS 35, DAL 49
FFL 55, KEY 47
CAR 22, SYR 47
MVO 48, MER 54
MIA 46, RMD 20


NYG 53, CAR 13
GBM 68, BOS 52
NPB 28, FFL 12
SYR 14,RMD 19
DAL 29, KEY 23
NDV 66, MVO 47
MIA 61,MER 62


NYG 55*, BOS 55
GBM 51, SYR 60
NPB 8, NDV 52
FFL 40, RMD 37
CAR 45, MIA 32
DAL 31, MER 46
MVO 64, KEY 50
*NYG win tiebreaker 2-0 on bench points


NYG 57, NPB 72
GBM 42, FFL 32
BOS 28*, CAR 28
SYR 53, MVO 51
DAL 41, MIA 49
NDV 35, RMD 6
KEY 25, MER 47
*BOS wins tiebreaker 8-0 on bench points


NYG 38,SYR 52
GBM 39,DAL 44
BOS 41,NPB 53
FFL 57,MIA 79
CAR 29,MVO 43
NDV 34,KEY 48
MER 57, RMD 32


NYG 59, NPB 49
GBM 45, FFL 20
BOS 44, NDV 32
CAR 65, MER 67
SYR 20, MVO 44
DAL 22, MIA 72
KEY 67, RMD 37

WEEK 15-17

All teams
to submit

Week 15: Playoff semi-finals
Fantasy Bowl
Mercer Mustangs 45½, New York Griffins 62
Boston Wildcats 62½, Graynbald Mud 62
Miami Muffdivers 44½, Newport Beach Nightmare 44
New Denver 2x4s 49½, Keystone Longfellows 31
Other scores: CAR 80, DAL 56, MVO 50, FFL 36, SYR 36, RMD 14

Week 16:
Fantasy Bowl VIII
New York Griffins 87, Boston Wildcats 71½
Third-place game
Mercer Mustangs 61½, Graynbald Mud 54
Consolation Bowl
Miami Muffdivers 51½, New Denver 2x4s 49
Other scores: FFL 81, MVO 53, CAR 42, DAL 30, SYR 27, NPB 24, KEY 15, RMD 7

Week 17:
MVO 77, GBM 61, NDV 58, SYR 53, NYG 52, BOS 49, FFL 48
CAR 42, MIA 39, MER 26, KEY 26, DAL 21, NPB 17, RMD 8

1999 Final Rosters

New York Griffins

QB: Marino, Dan (Dolphins)
QB: Johnson, Brad (Redskins)
QB: McNabb, Donovan (Eagles)
RB: Davis, Terrell (Broncos)[IR]
RB: Faulk, Marshall (Rams)
RB: Beasley, Fred (49ers)
RB: Fazande, Jermaine (Chargers)
RB: Phillips, Lawrence (49ers)
RB: Taylor, Fred (Jaguars)
RB: Parker, De’mond (Packers)
RB: Perry, Wilmont (Saints)
WR: Bruce, Isaac (Rams)
WR: Dawkins, Sean (Seahawks)
WR: Moss, Randy (Vikings)
WR: Scott, Darnay (Bengals)
K: Conway, Brett (Redskins)

Graynbald Mud

QB: Bledsoe, Drew (Patriots)
RB: Lane, Fred (Panthers)
RB: Levens, Dorsey (Packers)
RB: Gary, Olandis (Broncos)
RB: Watters, Ricky (Seahawks)
RB: Montgomery, Joe (Giants)
WR: Carter, Cris (Vikings)
WR: Green, E.G. (Colts)
WR: Johnson, Pat (Ravens)
WR: Moulds, Eric (Bills)
WR: Westbrook, Michael (Redskins)
TE: Dudley, Rickey (Raiders)
TE: Alexander, Stephen (Redskins)
K: Christie, Steve (Bills)
K: Anderson, Gary (Vikings)

Boston Wildcats

QB: McNair, Steve (Titans)
QB: Blake, Jeff (Bengals)
RB: Allen, Terry (Patriots)
RB: Martin, Curtis (Jets)
RB: Rivers, Ron (Lions)
RB: Sanders, Barry (Lions)
RB: Linton, Jonathan (Bills)
RB: Thomas, Thurman (Bills) [IR]
WR: Harrison, Marvin (Colts)
WR: Kennison, Eddie (Saints)
WR: Smith, Rod (Broncos)
WR: Thigpen, Yancey (Titans)
WR: Crowell, Germaine (Lions)
TE: Cleeland, Cameron (Saints)
K: Wilkins, Jeff (Rams)
K: Hollis, Mike (Jaguars)

Newport Beach Nightmare

QB: Chandler, Chris (Falcons)
QB: Flutie, Doug (Bills)
RB: Hearst, Garrison (49ers)
RB: Johnson, Leshon (Giants)
RB: Green, Ahman (Seahawks)
RB: Means, Natrone (Chargers)
RB: Ken Oxendine (Falcons)
WR: Galloway, Joey (Seahawks)
WR: Johnson, Kevin (Browns)
WR: Johnson, Keyshawn (Jets)
WR: Mathis, Terance (Falcons)
WR: Reed, Andre (Bills)
TE: Coates, Ben (Patriots)
TE: Gonzalez, Tony (Chiefs)
K: Del Greco, Al (Titans)

Frelinghuysen Frog Lickers

QB: Collins, Kerry (Giants)
QB: Garcia, Jeff (49ers)
QB: Young, Steve (49ers) [IR]
RB: Alstott, Mike (Bucs)
RB: Enis, Curtis (Bears)
RB: Fletcher, Terrell (Chargers)
RB: Konrad, Rob (Dolphins)
RB: Smith, Emmitt (Cowboys)
WR: Rison, Andre (Chiefs)
WR: Carruth, Rae (Panthers)
WR: Engram, Bobby (Bears)
WR: Proehl, Ricky (Rams)
WR: Sanders, Frank (Cardinals)
WR: Shepherd, Leslie (Browns)
TE: Sharpe, Shannon (Broncos) [IR]
K: Gramatica, Martin (Bucs)
K: Vinatieri, Adam (Patriots)

Big Carolina Bang

QB: Cunningham, Randall (Vikings)
QB: McNown, Cade (Bears)
QB: Miller, Jim (Bears)
RB: Collins, Cecil (Dolphins) [IR]
RB: Dunn, Warrick (Bucs)
RB: Holmes, Priest (Ravens)
RB: Kaufman, Napoleon (Raiders)
RB: Shehee, Rashaan (Chiefs)
WR: Jeffers, Patrick (Panthers)
WR: Alexander, Derrick (Chiefs)
WR: Boston, David (Cardinals)
WR: Conway, Curtis (Bears)
WR: Simmons, Tony (Patriots)
WR: Robinson, Marcus (Bears)
TE: Jones, Freddie (Chargers)
K: Carney, John (Chargers)

Syracuse Blizzard

QB: Huard, Damon (Dolphins)
QB: Plummer, Jake (Cardinals)
RB: Anderson, Jamal (Falcons) [IR]
RB: Bennett, Donnell (Chiefs)
RB: Faulk, Kevin (Patriots)
RB: Hill, Greg (Lions)
RB: Hoard, Leroy (Vikings)
RB: Pittman, Michael (Cardinals)
RB: Byron Hanspard (Falcons)
WR: Bradford, Corey (Packers)
WR: Brown, Tim (Raiders)
WR: Price, Peerless (Bills)
WR: Smith, Jimmy (Jaguars)
WR: Hakim, Az-Zahir (Rams)
TE: Davis, Tyrone (Packers)
K: Longwell, Ryan (Packers)

Dallas Armadillos

QB: Harbaugh, Jim (Chargers)
QB: Brunell, Mark (Jaguars)
RB: Biakabutuka, Tim (Panthers)
RB: Carter, Ki-Jana (Bengals) [IR]
RB: Loville, Derek (Broncos)
RB: Smith, Robert (Vikings)
RB: Warren, Chris (Cowboys)
WR: Connell, Albert (Redskins)
WR: Gadsden, Oronde (Dolphins)
WR: Jefferson, Shawn (Patriots)
WR: Moore, Herman (Lions)
WR: Muhammad, Muhsin (Panthers)
WR: Rice, Jerry (49ers)
TE: Brady, Kyle (Jaguars)
K: Hanson, Jason (Lions)
K: Jacke, Chris (Cardinals)

New Denver 2x4s

QB: Couch, Tim (Browns)
QB: Green, Trent (Rams) [IR]
QB: Kitna, Jon (Seahawks)
RB: Johnson, James (Dolphins)
RB: Kirby, Terry (Browns)
RB: Smith, Antowain (Bills)
RB: Staley, Duce (Eagles)
WR: Johnson, Charles (Eagles)
WR: McCaffrey, Ed (Broncos)
WR: McCardell, Keenan (Jaguars)
WR: Reed, Jake (Vikings)
WR: Stokes, J.J. (49ers)
WR: Dwight, Tim (Falcons)
TE: Riemersma, Jay (Bills)
TE: Walls, Wesley (Panthers)
K: Peterson, Todd (Seahawks)

Mission Viejo Impossibles

QB: Beuerlein, Steve (Panthers)
QB: Favre, Brett (Packers)
RB: Watson, Justin (Rams)
RB: Hicks, Skip (Redskins)
RB: James, Edgerrin (Colts)
RB: Morris, Bam (Chiefs)
RB: Cloud, Mike (Chiefs)
RB: Barber, Tiki (Giants)
WR: Calloway, Chris (Falcons)
WR: Green, Jacquez (Bucs)
WR: Ismail, Raghib (Cowboys)
WR: Moore, Rob (Cardinals)
WR: Morton, Johnnie (Lions)
WR: Wilkins, Terrence (Rams)
K: Vanderjagt, Mike (Colts)

Miami Muffdivers

QB: Banks, Tony (Ravens)
QB: Smith, Akili (Bengals)
QB: Testaverde, Vinny (Jets)[IR]
QB: Warner, Kurt (Rams)
RB: Bettis, Jerome (Steelers)
RB: George, Eddie (Titans)
RB: Irvin, Sedrick (Lions)
RB: Wheatley, Tyrone (Raiders)
WR: Holt, Torry (Rams)
WR: Mayes, Derrick (Seahawks)
WR: McDuffie, O.J. (Dolphins)
WR: Pickens, Carl (Bengals)
WR: Toomer, Amani (Giants)
TE: Drayton, Troy (Dolphins)
K: Kasay, John (Panthers)
K: Hall, John (Jets)

Richmond Rattlin Raptors

QB: Griese, Brian (Broncos)
QB: Moon, Warren (Chiefs)
QB: Stewart, Kordell (Steelers)
RB: Abdul-Jabbar, Karim (Dolphins)
RB: Holmes, Darick (Colts)
RB: Johnson, Leon (Jets)
RB: Stewart, James (Jaguars)
RB: Warren, Lamont (Patriots)
WR: Emanuel, Bert (Bucs)
WR: Freeman, Antonio (Packers)
WR: Irvin, Michael (Cowboys)
WR: Mills, Ernie (Cowboys)
WR: Owens, Terrell (49ers)
TE: Green, Eric (Jets)
K: Elam, Jason (Broncos)

Keystone Longfellows

QB: Aikman, Troy (Cowboys)
QB: Manning, Peyton (Colts)
RB: Dillon, Corey (Bengals)
RB: Murrell, Adrian (Cardinals)
RB: Rhett, Errict (Ravens)
RB: Way, Charles (Giants)
RB: Williams, Ricky (Saints)
WR: Chrebet, Wayne (Jets)
WR: Ricks, Mickael (Chargers)
WR: Dyson, Kevin (Titans)
WR: Edwards, Troy (Steelers)
WR: Glenn, Terry (Patriots)
WR: Pathon, Jerome (Colts)
WR: Schroeder, Bill (Packers)
K: Mare, Olindo (Dolphins)

Mercer Mustangs

QB: Batch, Charlie (Lions)
QB: Gannon, Rich (Raiders)
QB: George, Jeff (Vikings)
RB: Anders, Kimble (Chiefs)[IR]
RB: Banks, Tavian (Jaguars)
RB: Davis, Stephen (Redskins)
RB: Garner, Charlie (49ers)
RB: Huntley, Richard (Steelers)
WR: Graham, Jeff (Chargers)
WR: Hilliard, Ike (Giants)
WR: Jett, James (Raiders)
WR: Lewis, Jermaine (Ravens)
WR: Martin, Tony (Dolphins)
TE: Dilger, Ken (Colts)
K: Pelfrey, Doug (Bengals)
K: Richey, Wade (49ers)

Trophy Swap — Griffins are champs; Mud grabs total points crown

The trophy winners from 1998 are the same teams as 1999 — they just have to swap trophies.

The New York Griffins’ Fantasy Bowl win over Boston will give Nick Fisher the championship trophy for this year, but he’ll have to relinquish the total points trophy to Ronnie Feldman and Greg MacInnis as the Graynbald Mud finished the season with 934 total points. New York finished 18 points back (916) and Boston finished 37 point back (897). It was the closest points race in recent memory.

1999 Top Players

Top Players
Players with 100+ points on the season as a starter

Rank Player Position NFL team FFL team Points
1. Edgerrin James RB IND MVO 223
2. Marshall Faulk RB STL NYG 210
3. Kurt Warner QB STL MIA 206
4. Stephen Davis RB WAS MER 196
5. Emmitt Smith RB DAL FFL 176
6. Marvin Harrison WR IND BOS 170
7. Peyton Manning QB IND KEY 167
8. Eddie George RB TEN MIA 160
9. Randy Moss WR MIN NYG 156
10. Mike Vanderjagt K IND MVO 144
11. Dorsey Levens RB GBP GBM 132
12. Jimmy Smith WR JAC SYR 132
13. Cris Carter WR MIN GBM 128
14. Mike Hollis K JAC BOS 124
15. Curtis Martin RB NYJ BOS 124
16. Olindo Mare K MIA KEY 123
17. Drew Bledsoe QB NWE GBM 121
18. Jason Elam K DEN RMD 121
19. Michael Westbrook WR WAS GBM 120
20. Brett Favre QB GBP MVO 119
21. Charlie Garner RB SFO MER 117
22. Olandis Gary RB DEN GBM 117
23. Isaac Bruce WR STL NYG 116
24. Ricky Watters RB SEA GBM 116
25. Jason Hanson K DET DAL 115
26. Jeff George QB MIN MER 111
27. Steve McNair QB TEN BOS 111
28. Corey Dillon RB CIN KEY 110
29. Martin Gramatica K TAM FFL 108
30. Muhsin Muhammad WR CAR DAL 108
31. Tim Brown WR OAK SYR 105
32. Patrick Jeffers WR CAR CAR 102
33. Al Del Greco K TEN NPB 101
34. Keyshawn Johnson WR NYG NPB 101
35. Ryan Longwell K GBP SYR 101
36. Todd Peterson K SEA NDV 101