2006 Top Players

The complete list of 42 players from 2006 finishing with 100+ points as a starter.
Overall stats
1 RB Tomlinson, LaD. SDC PHI Griffins 1815 rush, 508 rec, 33 TDs 335
2 RB Johnson, Larry KCC NCT Thorobreds 1789 rush, 410 rec, 19 TDs 260
3 QB Manning, Peyton IND PHI Griffins 4397 pass, 36 rush, 35 TDs 225
4 RB Jackson, Steven STL BOB Big Bang 1528 rush, 806 rec, 16 TDs 220
5 RB Parker, Willie PIT MIA Muffdivers 1494 rush, 222 rec, 16 TDs 198
6 RB Gore, Frank SFO DAL Armadillos 1695 rush, 485 rec, 9 TDs 183
7 QB Bulger, Marc STL DAL Armadillos 4301 pass, 44 rush, 24 TDs 175
8 QB Brees, Drew NOS MER Mustangs 3850 pass, 20 rush, 24 TDs 172
9 QB Palmer, Carson CIN HVV Violence 4036 pass, 35 rush, 28 TDs 162
10 RB Barber, Tiki NYG KEY Longfellows 1662 rush, 465 rec, 5 TDs 150
11 RB Westbrook, Brian PHI MIA Muffdivers 1217 rush, 699 rec, 11 TDs 150
12 WR Harrison, Marvin IND DAL Armadillos 1366 rec, 12 TDs 147
13 RB Johnson, Rudi CIN KEY Longfellows 1308 rush, 124 rec, 12 TDs 144
14 QB McNabb, Donovan PHI KEY Longfellows 2647 pass, 212 rush, 21 TDs 144
15 K Wilkins, Jeff STL SYR Blizzard 35 XPs, 32 FGs 135
16 QB Brady, Tom NEP OCD Beach Dudes 3533 pass, 102 rush, 24 TDs 133
17 WR Owens, Terrell DAL PHI Griffins 1180 rec, 13 TDs 131
18 WR Wayne, Reggie IND BOS Wildcats 1310 rec, 9 TDs 121
19 K Carney, John NOS OCD Beach Dudes 46 XPs, 23 FGs 117
20 RB McAllister, Deuce NOS RIB Raptors 1061 rush, 198 rec, 11 TDs 117
21 K Gould, Robbie CHI MIM Mud 41 XPs, 26 FGs 116
22 WR Holt, Torry STL MIA Muffdivers 1188 rec, 10 TDs 114
23 WR Driver, Donald GBP OCD Beach Dudes 1288 rec, 16 rush, 8 TDs 113
24 K Vinatieri, Adam IND MER Mustangs 38 XPs, 25 FGs 113
25 WR Johnson, Chad CIN BOS Wildcats 1370 rec, 24 rush, 7 TDs 112
26 WR Smith, Steve CAR MER Mustangs 1054 rec, 61 rush, 9 TDs 112
27 K Brown, Josh SEA PHI Griffins 36 XPs, 25 FGs 110
28 K Kaeding, Nate SDC BOS Wildcats 51 XPs, 20 FGs 110
29 K Kasay, John CAR MIA Muffdivers 28 XPs, 24 FGs 110
30 K Rackers, Neil ARI RIB Raptors 32 XPs, 28 FGs 110
31 QB Vick, Michael ATL FFL Froglickers 1975 pass, 897 rush, 15 TDs 110
32 WR Evans, Lee BUF BOB Big Bang 1197 rec, 7 TDs 106
33 RB Henry, Travis TEN HVV Violence 1092 rush, 64 rec, 5 TDs 105
34 RB Lewis, Jamal BAL DAL Armadillos 1132 rush, 115 rec, 9 TDs 105
35 K Stover, Matt BAL NCT Thorobreds 35 XPs, 24 FGs 105
36 WR Williams, Roy DET KEY Longfellows 1310 rec, 2 rush, 7 TDs 105
37 RB Taylor, Chester MIN MER Mustangs 1214 rush, 288 rec, 6 TDs 104
38 RB Taylor, Fred JAC MER Mustangs 1146 rush, 242 rec, 6 TDs 104
39 QB Romo, Tony DAL MIM Mud 2641 pass, 93 rush, 16 TDs 103
40 QB Roethlisberger, B. PIT NCT Thorobreds 2929 pass, 98 rush, 18 TDs 102
41 WR Jackson, Darrell SEA HVV Violence 909 rec, 10 TDs 101
42 K Elam, Jason DEN HVV Violence 2 rush, 31 XPs, 23 FGs 100

Griffins – Armadillos Finish 1-2 in Points Race

The Philadelphia Griffins swept up both league trophies in 2006, winning the points race with 1060 points. It’s the 4th time in league history the same team has swept both top awards (Thorobreds in 2005, Wildcats in 1997, and Cheeseheads in 1994). It’s the Griffin’s record 6th point championship — twice as many as Boston (with 3), while no other FFL team has more than one points championship.

Dallas finished second in points with 951, a dramatic turnaround from 2005 when the Armadillos finished dead last in points (601). Keystone with 921 and Oregon with 916 finished a close 3rd and 4th. Mercer finished with 887 points, dropping from 2nd to 5th place over the past two weeks, but will take the consolation points award. The Froglickers, with 651, finish last in points.

And RB Tiki Barber saved his best for last — his 41 points in week 17 was the high individual performance in the league this year.

Griffins edge Big Bang 70-68 in Fantasy Bowl XV

The Philadelphia Griffins, who lost the 2003 Fantasy Bowl to Oregon by 2 points, turned the tables this year and won Fantasy Bowl XV and the league championship with a 70-68 win over the Big Oregon Bang. The story for the Griffins was RB Ron Dayne, who posted a career game and 26 points. The story for the Big Bang was missed opportunities — Mark Clayton (11 points), Philip Rivers (8) and Laurence Maroney (6) all were on the bench, and any single one of them in the starting lineup would have given Oregon the slight edge.

The Dallas Armadillos easily defeated Keystone 90-52 to capture third place. Dallas’ 90 points was the high score of the week, and vaults the Armadillos into second place overall in points going into the final weekend.

The Happy Valley Violence beat MassIll 56-18 to win the consolation bracket. And in the Cellar Dweller finals, Richburgh defeated Orange County 53-47, leaving the Beach Dudes as the 2006 Ultimate Cellar Dweller.

Griffins and Big Bang will battle in Fantasy Bowl XV

The Philadelphia Griffins and Big Oregon Bang will battle for the league championship in Fantasy Bowl XV. The Griffins beat Dallas 89-75. PHI and DAL were the two highest scoring teams of the week.

In the other semifinal, Oregon beat Keystone 48-35 and the Big Bang will return to the Fantasy Bowl for the second consecutive year and 3rd time in the past 4 years.

These teams met in recent history — in 2003, the Big Bang beat the Griffins in Fantasy Bowl XII by an 89-87 score. It was the highest scoring Fantasy Bowl, and also the closest margin of victory in the Fantasy Bowl history.

In the consolation bracket, Happy Valley will face Miami for the consolation bracket title. Happy Valley and MassIll finished their game in a 31-31 tie, but as the higher seed, HVV moves on.

The Blizzard and the Froglickers both made it out of the Cellar Dwellar bracket, so Richburgh will face Orange Country for the Ultimate Cellar Dwellar.

Week 16 Playoff Schedule:

PHI vs. BOB – Fantasy Bowl XV

KEY vs. DAL – Third-Place Game

HVV vs. MIA – Consolation Bracket Final

RIB vs. OCD – Loser is Ultimate Cellar Dwellar

MER, MIM, BOS, NCT, SYR, FFL – seasons finished.
Points still count through Week 17 games.

Griffins and Big Bang are division winners; Armadillos grab wild card

The Philadelphia Griffins (10-4) and Big Oregon Bang (8-6) won their divisions in the final week of the season, and the Dallas Armadillos (10-4) grabbed the wild card slot. These three teams will join Engle Division winner and top-seed Keystone (12-2) in the playoffs for Fantasy Bowl XV.

Mercer (9-5) is the top-seed in the consolation bracket where they will join Happy Valley (7-7), MassIll (7-7), and Miami (6-8).


KEY vs. BOB – Fantasy Bowl semifinal
PHI vs. DAL – Fantasy Bowl semifinal

MER vs. MIA – Consolation semifinal
HVV vs. MIM – Consolation semifinal

RIB vs. SYR – CellarDweller semifinal
OCD vs. FFL – CellarDweller semifinal

BOS, NCT – seasons finished

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.

TRANSACTIONS REMINDER: Teams can no longer add RBs, WRs or TEs. Teams can add QBs or Ks through week 16, but only if the team drops a QB or a K.

Playoff picture remains murky

Six teams will fight for 3 playoff spots going into the final week

With Week 13 in the books, the races are still tight. Keystone is the only team assured of a top-tier playoff spot — Philadelphia, Mercer, Dallas, Oregon, MassIll and Happy Valley are all in the running for top-tier playoff spots.

In the Cappelletti Division, both leaders lost: MIM fell to DAL 63-42 while BOB lost to RIB 46-41. Meanwhile, HVV won big over BOS, 62-34. It’s possible the Cappelletti Division could end in a 3-way tie … a scenario that currently looks most favorable to the Violence under tiebreaker rules.

In the Paterno Division, PHI takes a 1-game lead over MER. MER, however, holds the tiebreaker edge over PHI, so this race will go down to the final week as well.

DAL, a winner over MIM, remains in a strong position for the Wild Card slot, but could also find themselves outside looking in if they end up tied with PHI for the Wild Card, as PHI holds the tiebreaker edge over DAL.

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.

Keystone clinches division and #1 seed

Keystone rebounded after their first loss of the season, beating the Froglickers 49-26 and clinching the Engle Division title as well as the #1 seed throughout the playoffs. The Griffins needed a come-from-behind win to remain tied with Mercer at 8-4 atop the Paterno Division. And both the Mud and Big Bang remain tied at 7-5 atop the Cappelletti Division.

THURSDAY GAMES: Thursday games happen every week now through week 16. And starting week 15 there are Saturday games as well. Please submit lineups accordingly, esp. if you have players in these games. NFL schedule week 13 onward.

Playoff Outlook:

Engle – KEY (11-1) has clinched division and #1 seed throughout playoffs. DAL (8-4) is in the running for Wild Card. BOS (6-6) and RIB (2-10) out of top-tier contention.

Paterno – MER and PHI are tied at 8-4. MIA (5-7), NCT and OCD (both 4-8) are out of top-tier contention.

Cappelletti – BOB and MIM are tied at 7-5. HVV and SYR (both 5-7) are not technically eliminated in the division race but would need to win final two games and get a lot of help. Neither would content for the Wild Card. HVV’s 5-2 record in the division could help. FFL (4-8) is out of top-tier contention.

Wild Card – This will be between 3 teams: Dallas, and the 2nd place teams in the tied divisions (MER/PHI and BOB/MIM). Head-to-head tiebreakers will be key. MIM’s season is basically on the line this week in their game vs. DAL. PHI has beaten DAL this year (week 6), while MER lost to DAL this year (week 3). BOB did not play DAL this year and the two are currently fewer than 20 points apart in the point standings.