2007 Final Schedule & Scores

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Rule change proposal 2: Reduce player protections

Reduce player protections to 1 quarterback, 1 running back, and 1 receiver (WR/TE). Teams that don’t win money can keep a prospect at any position. That lowers protection slots to 3 or 4, down from the current rules of 5 or 6. It also levels the playing field big time because playoff and money-winning teams would only be able to protect 1 player per position. And it would only extend the draft by 2 rounds. (This is likely a rule significant enough that it would have to be put into effect AFTER the next draft, so it wouldn’t be instituted until 2009 season.) Proposed by the Froglickers with input from the Wildcats.

Rule change proposal 1: Revise league awards/payouts

I propose revisions to the league awards and payouts. Let’s face it, there is little interest for teams after week 14 who do not make the top-tier playoffs. The consolation bracket doesn’t generate much interest, and no one wants to win the award for “most points of non-playff, non-money-winning teams” — an award that barely covers half the league entry fee and knocks teams out of the lottery system (including, potentially, teams with losing records). We’ve also had a lot of interest in increasing league fees, but not so dramatic as doubling them.

THIS PROPOSAL BY YING: Eliminate three awards (consolation bracket winner, consolation runner-up, and the consolation points award), and in their place, give awards to the top two non-playoff teams based on total points. This proposal would not change anything in the top-tier playoffs, but it would eliminate the “consolation bracket playoffs” while potentially keeping several teams more interested through the end of the season. This proposal would also increase league fees by $20 per team annually. The new awards structure would payout increased awards across the board.

Additionally, the overall #1 and #2 points teams would also be eligible for the new awards if they do not make the playoffs. In my opinion, if a team finishes #1 or #2 in overall points and didn’t make the playoffs, they SHOULD be eligible for the combined awards, especially in regards to their draft position (they would be drafting lower, as they should be).

See the Rules page for current structure for comparison. This is my proposed new award/payout structure:

FFL Playoff Champion 450
FFL Playoff Runner-Up 340
FFL Playoff Third Place 275
FFL Playoff Fourth Place 225
Overall Points Champion 200
Overall Points Runner-Up 150
** First place points, non-playoff teams 150
** Second place points, non-playoff teams 125
Draft phone call (est) 225
Expenses (est) 100
$160 x 14 teams = $2,240 2240

** = new award category, replacing consolation bracket/point awards