Big Bang ekes out 1-point win for Points Championship

The points race was a photo finish and tightened up considerably as the games progressed.

Oregon wins the points championship with 1,171 points. Orange County finishes one point back, at 1,170. If Adrian Peterson had broken that last run, not only would he have broken Dickerson’s record, he would have handed the points championship to Orange County. One play — that close.

Oregon’s 1,171 points is the third-highest season in league history, following the 2007 Orange Co. Beach Dudes 1,298 points, and 1998 New York Griffins’ 1,209 points.

The 2012 Fantasy Bowl champion Mercer Mustangs get nudged out of the points awards race with the Beach Dude’s surge of 109 points in the final week. Mercer finishes third with 1,168 — three points behind the winner. Four simple words sums this one up: Closest Points Race Ever.

Boston wins the top prize for points for non-playoff teams, with Miami taking the final award at second-best in non-playoff points.

  1. BOB 1,171
  2. OCD 1,170
  3. MER 1,168
  4. BOS 1,091
  5. HVV 1,066
  6. MIA 1,041
  7. PHI 999
  8. DAL 985
  9. KEY 978
  10. SYR 893
  11. FFL 883
  12. MIM 778
  13. RIB 713
  14. NCT 625

Mercer Wins Fantasy Bowl XXI

No FFL owner is happier this Christmas than Mercer Mustangs owner Jim Waugh, who captured his first FFL Championship with a 77-66 win over the Big Oregon Bang. Drew Brees tied his biggest game of the year with 29 points to lead the Mustangs, who finish 14-1-1. Mercer’s loss and tie were to Orange County, who won Third Place via a 51-48 win over Happy Valley this week.

This was Mercer’s first-ever trip to the Fantasy Bowl, and the team’s fourth overall playoff appearance. Mercer won 3rd place in 1996 (55-43 over Pachyderms) and 1999 (61-54 over the Mud), and the Mustangs lost the 3rd place game in 2000 75-18 to the Griffins. In it’s history the Mercer franchise is also holder of two consolation points wins (2003, 2006) and twice finished last place in points (1998, 2004).

In this year’s points race, we go into the final week neck and neck (and neck). Oregon’s at 1094, and Mercer is 9 points back at 1085. Orange County is within striking distance at 1061 — 33 points off the lead. Boston (1023) and Happy Valley (1006) also cracked the thousand threshold this week but would need a miraculous week 17 to contend for the points crown. Miami (997) leapt ahead of the pack for a shot at the points consolation prizes.