Keystone wins Points Championship

For the fourth time — and twice in the past three years — Keystone has topped the league in total points, winning the Points Championship with a nice round grand total of 1,200 points. The Longfellows finished 35 points ahead of Fantasy Bowl Champs Big Oregon Bang, who finished the 2019 campaign with 1,165.

It’s the fifth time for both teams of being in the money (finishing 1st or 2nd) for overall points.

2019 marked a low point for Happy Valley with the team’s first finish in last place points overall. But the Violence scored 805 points, which marks the highest number ever for a last-place points team.

Final 2019 Points:

  1. Keystone 1,200
  2. Oregon 1,165
  3. Boxboro 1,112
  4. Frelinghuysen 1,028
  5. Boston 996
  6. New Chester 996
  7. Mercer 978
  8. Miami 942
  9. Orange County 932
  10. Philadelphia 929
  11. Chicago 922
  12. Dallas 854
  13. Happy Valley 805

Oregon edges Keystone 56-53 in Fantasy Bowl XXVIII

Top-seeded Big Oregon Bang hung on for a narrow victory over Keystone, and in doing so captured the franchise’s third championship with a 56-53 win in Fantasy Bowl XXVIII. It is the Big Bang’s first championship since 2009.

As he did all year, the league’s top-scoring performer — Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson — lead the charge for the Big Bang with 23 points on the week. Keystone’s running backs — as they have done all season — lead the scoring for the Longfellows as Christian McCaffrey and Todd Gurley combined for 26 points between them. But Keystone’s receivers let them down; entering the Monday night game Keystone needed only 4 points from Adam Thielen, but he came up short and only posted 2 rushing yards.

In the consolation game, Orange County ended their late-season surge with a huge 100-63 victory over second-seeded Mercer. Nittany Lion great RB Saquon Barkley lead the charge for the Beach Dudes, posting the highest individual score in week 16 — 35 points.

We enter the final week with total points still undecided. Keystone and Oregon are almost assuredly locked into the top two point slots, with Keystone leading Oregon by 32 points entering the final weekend.

Fantasy Bowl XXVIII: Oregon vs. Keystone

The matchup is set for the 2019 Fantasy Bowl. Top-seed Big Oregon Bang (10-3) will face the fifth-seeded Keystone Longfellows (9-5) for the league’s 28th championship game. The Big Bang ousted Orange County 74-63 in the semi-finals, while Keystone easily dispatched Mercer 77-53.

The Mustangs (8-5) and Beach Dudes (7-7) will face each other for the 3rd-place consolation game.

Keystone becomes only the second team in league history to reach 3 consecutive Fantasy Bowls. The Boston Wildcats went to 3 consecutive Fantasy Bowls 1999 through 2001 (BOS lost all three).

This will be the sixth appearance for the Big Bang in the championship game, going 2-3 in 5 previous appearances, last winning in 2009. This will be the 5th Fantasy Bowl appearance for the Longfellows, who are 2-2 in 4 previous appearances, last winning in 2017.

And with two weeks remaining in the season, Keystone leads Oregon 1087-1052 in the overall points race. This is likely an insurmountable lead over the rest of the field. Only two other teams (Blowfish with 985, Wildcats with 904) are above 900 points.

Playoff matchups set

The Big Bang has spoken. Ergo, the semi-final playoff matchup is set. Oregon will place Orange County.

The Fantasy Bowl Semi-Finals:

#1 Big Oregon Bang (9-3) vs. #6 Orange County Beach Dudes (7-6)
This is the first meeting this season between the Bang and the Dudes.

#2 Mercer Mustangs (8-4) vs. #5 Keystone Longfellows (8-5)
This is the first meeting this season between the Mustangs and the Longfellows.

Good luck!

Will BOB pick KEY or OCD???

The wild card playoff round is over, and the curse of the #3 seed continues.

Third-seeded New Chester was knocked out of the championship race with a 63-58 loss to the Orange County Beach Dudes. Since changing our playoff format to the current 3 division winners plus 3 wild cards, the #3 seed has NEVER made it out of the first round of the playoffs.

And the top-seeded wild card — Philadelphia Griffins — also went down to defeat, soundly getting stuffed by the Longfellows, 86-47.

Yet again this year, the top two seeds are fortunate to have byes the first round. Big Oregon Bang (48 pts) would have lost to all but PHI, and Mercer (35 pts) would have lost to all other playoff teams.

We now await the decision from the Big Bang: will they choose to play the Longfellows or the Beach Dudes? Oregon has until Wednesday evening 8pm EST to make that decision. If Oregon declines to make a selection by the deadline, their opponent will be Orange County. Mercer will face off against the team that BOB does not choose.

In other scores, the Boston Wildcats continue to do fantastic when they don’t have an opponent. After scoring a whopping 131 points in week 8 during their bye, the Wildcats scored 107 points after failing to make the playoffs. Scores for non-playoff teams this week:

Boston 107
Frelinghuysen 79
Happy Valley 76
Miami 64
Boxboro 62
Dallas 40
Chicago 32

Stat of the week: here is the opponent’s point average against each team this year through the regular season. The average weekly score of all teams was 59 points.

BOB 62
BOS 74
BOX 61
CHI 60
DAL 57
FFL 56
HVV 59
KEY 58
MER 53
MIA 57
NCT 58
OCD 58
PHI 53

2019 Final Regular Season Standings

Cappelletti Division
Engle Division
Paterno Division

* – Division Winner
^ – Wild Card team

Playoff schedule set

Our playoff schedule for Week 14 is set.  Best of luck to the six teams who made it in (only 2 of these teams were in the playoffs last year). 


Week 14: 
#1 Big Oregon Bang (9-3) – BYE 
#2 Mercer Mustangs (8-4) – BYE 
#3 New Chester Thorobreds (7-5) vs. #6 Orange County Beach Dudes (6-6) 
#4 Philadelphia Griffins (9-3) vs. #5 Keystone Longfellows (7-5) 

Week 15: 
Big Oregon Bang will choose their opponent from the winners of either NCT vs. OCD, or PHI vs. KEY 
Mercer Mustangs will plays vs. the team BOB does not choose 

Week 16: 
Winners of Week 15 games will meet in Fantasy Bowl XXVIII

NCT clinches; KEY and OCD are in

Congratulations to the New Chester Thorobreds, winner of the Paterno Division by virtue of their win this week over Miami combined with holding the tiebreaker over both Keystone and Orange County. The Thorobreds will enter the playoffs with the #3 seed.

The final two playoff spots will go to Keystone and Orange County. The KEY vs. OCD game this week is still too close to call going into the Monday night game, but both teams will make the playoffs due to losses by both Miami and Frelinghuysen.

The winner of the KEY vs. OCD game will hold the #5 playoff seed, and the loser will be the #6 playoff seed.

Mercer with a win this week secures the #2 overall seed. Mercer will join #1 seed Big Oregon Bang with byes during the first week of the playoffs.

REMINDER: With kickoff week 13 behind us, there are no transactions involving running backs or receivers. For weeks 14-15-16, you can only add a QB (*if* you drop a QB) or you can only add a K (*if* you drop a K). See rules 6.3.13 and 6.3.14 if you have any questions.

I’ll post end-of-regular-season info later this week, including 2020 draft order, draft lotteries chances, etc.

Good luck to all playoff teams, and remember that points continue to count through week 17, and at least one non-playoff team remains in striking distance of a top-2 overall point finish.

Week 13 Playoff Outlook

Greetings, FFL-GOO Owners! I hope everyone is enjoying great food, football, friends and family.

As we enter the final weekend of the regular season, the playoff picture is much clearer in two of our three divisions.

ENGLE DIVISION: Big Bang (9-2) has clinched the division and the #1 overall seed. Griffins (8-3) have clinched the top-seeded wild card slot. BOS and BOX are eliminated from playoff contention.

CAPPELLETTI DIVISION: Mustangs (7-4) have clinched the division. CHI, HVV, DAL are all eliminated from playoff contention. MER holds the tiebreaker over both NCT and OCD for the #2 seed.

PATERNO DIVISION: A 3-way tie going into the final weekend with Thorobreds, Beach Dudes and Longfellows all at 6-5. New Chester controls their destiny — a win over Miami, and they win the division as they hold the tiebreaker over both KEY and OCD. The other pivotal game is KEY vs. OCD this weekend. The winner of that game is assured a playoff spot, and if NCT loses the winner of this game wins the division.

WILD CARDS: Three wild cards advance to the playoffs.
— PHI has clinched (#4 overall seed).
if NCT wins then the winner of KEY vs. OCD is in (#5 overall seed) PLUS one team at 6-6.
if NCT loses then two teams at 6-6 would get in.

We could have as many as four teams finish 6-6. The loser of the KEY vs. OCD game will be 6-6. New Chester (6-5), Miami (5-6) and the Froglickers (5-6; vs. PHI this week) could all finish 6-6.

FYI: in case one of these games ends in a tie this week, 6-5-1 is a better record than 6-6.


Gobble, gobble, goo! Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 12 Update

The quietest trade deadline ever came and went, without a trade. Just another oddity in this strange season.

With only two weeks remaining in the regular season, very little has been decided and the playoff race is very wide open.

We know that either the Big Bang (8-2) or the Griffins (7-3) will win the Engle Division. Both teams are all but locks for a playoff spot either way.

We know that Mercer (6-4) is ONE win short of clinching the Cappelletti Division, with games remaining vs. DAL (4-7) and CHI (4-6).

We know that anything could happen in the Paterno Division. Orange County has moved into first place with a 6-4 record. All other teams — Thorobreds, Longfellows, Muffdivers — have identical 5-5 records.

We know six teams will go to the playoffs. Things look bleak for Dallas and Happy Valley — both 4-7, with one game (and one bye) left each. A 5-7 record is not likely to get a playoff spot.

But a 6-6 record this year looks like it might be in the running for a wild card. So in addition to the aforementioned teams with 5-5 records, there are four teams with 4-6 records that might have a shot if they win out: Wildcats, Blowfish, Froglickers and Mud.

Remember the playoff teams from last year? Entering week 12, NONE OF THEM have a winning record. This is what they were seeded in 2018 and where they currently stand in 2019:

1. Longfellows 5-5
2. Blowfish 4-6
3. Thorobreds 5-5
4. Armadillos 4-7
5. Wildcats 4-6
6. Violence 4-7

Go Lions — kick some Buckeye Butt! Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck in FFL. Remember there are 6 NFL teams playing Thanksgiving so be aware of early lineup decisions. Thanksgiving weekend games will be our final regular season week, and a lot is still on the line.

Transactions delay and TRADE DEADLINE

Sorry folks – I did not process transactions Tuesday night at the deadline, so I’m getting caught up this morning.

I rejected two transaction requests for Brian Hill that arrived after 9pm Tuesday night, and ran the other five through waivers. Congratulations, Happy Valley — the proud owners of a spiffy new Falcons running back.

The remainder – 4 other transactions – were all uncontested.

A quick reminder that KICKOFF THIS WEEK IS THE TRADE DEADLINE. You can trade any player up until the time of his team’s kickoff this week. Also remember that only players on a roster continuously from kickoff this week through protection deadline next fall can be on protected rosters for 2020 season.

We are in the playoff stretch and going into Week 11, only the defending champs — Boxboro Blowfish — have been eliminated from division contention. Every other team could conceivably still win their division. All teams are still conceivably in the playoff hunt.

Lastly – Ying will be traveling this weekend — to Penn State Friday night, at PSU for the game Saturday (Go Lions!!), and remain with family in PA Sunday and Monday. I will have sporadic access but will also be on the go, so text or phone me will be best when reporting trades.

FFL-GOO Update and Reminders

The fall seems to be flying by, and we are already past the halfway point in this season. A season which some might consider bizarre. Two of the top-scoring teams (and Fantasy Bowl participants last year) have losing records. We’ve seen some near-record high scores. We’ve seen a team score 110 points fewer this week than last! Waugh is leading his division! I mean, how more bizarre can you get? 

We’re about to find out, because we’re in the playoff stretch. Four more weeks remain in the regular season, and every team is still theoretically in contention for a playoff spot. No more than 3 games separate the leader from the cellar dweller in all 3 divisions. Winning out for any team at this point might give them a realistic shot at a playoff spot. 

The standard reminders: 

TRADE DEADLINE is now two weeks away — kickoff week 11. 

Also, PROTECTION CUTOFF is week 11.  Protected players for 2020 must be on an FFL roster continuously from week 11 this year through protection 2020 deadline. 

Transactions will return to first-come, first-serve after week 11 kickoff. 

And yes — I know the question you are just dying to have answered … LOL … the podcast will return. These won’t be a weekly thing as I might have once envisioned, but I’ll try to get 2 or 3 more podcasts out this season, and we’ll see how that goes. 

Good luck to all in fantasy, and Roar Lions Roar! 

First waivers week

After the week 3 kickoff our waivers process begins, so transaction requests are processed at 9pm Tuesdays as per rule 6.3.8

This year we had the Wayne Gallman sweepstakes — half the FFL teams submitted an add for him. The Wildcats tied with worst record (1-2) and with lowest points (132) get Gallman. Transactions are posted/emailed via CBS site, and our official transaction log is 

Transactions remain first-come, first-serve until the week 4 games, at which point free agents are locked and only available to add via waivers next week. 

Finally, the Big Bang cannot transact, according to the league’s accounting team. If indeed the league fee check is in the mail it has not yet been received at the accountant’s headquarters. 

Annual Transactions Refresher

Here’s a quick refresher of our transaction rules. 

• Drop/Adds are first-come, first-serve until kickoff week 3. 
• After kickoff week 3, the waivers process is used until week 11. 
• After kickoff week 11, drop/adds return to first-come, first-serve. 
• All players involved in any transaction during first-come, first-serve must be from a team whose game has been completed for that week. 
• Teams can make a maximum of 2 adds each week before Tuesday 9pm; additional adds can be made thereafter 

During first-come, first-serve drop/add I cannot approve transactions on the CBS website until Tuesdays around noon, but CBS records the time transactions are submitted and I’ll approve them asap. 

During waivers, transaction requests are processed asap after 9pm Tuesdays. 

As always, call or text if you have any questions. 

2019 Rule Change Vote

There were 4 rule change proposals this year. Here’s the outcome of the vote we held before the draft.

Prop 1 – increase the active roster from 14 to 15.
The vote failed after 7 NAY votes.

Prop 2 – add 1/2 point per reception to our scoring system.
The vote passes 7 YAY, 6 NAY.
This will be incorporated into scoring rule changes to be implemented prior to the 2020 season.

Prop 3 – allow open drop/add of RBs WRs and TEs after week 13.
The vote failed after 8 NAY votes.
There was considerable discussion that a similar rule tying a post-season drop add specifically to an injury would likely pass and could be proposed in that form next year.

Prop 4 – change regular season schedule so each team plays each other team once; division selections would remain the same.
Noted during discussion – this will require change to tiebreaker rules for divisions. We agreed head-to-head tiebreaker now simply applies instead of division record, with total points second tiebreaker.
The vote passed unanimously with one abstention.
The 2020 season will use the play-each-team-once approach, and tiebreaker rules will be rewritten to accommodate as noted.

2019 Pre-Season

PROTECTION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 28th at 9pm EST 
Please email your protected rosters to Ying. 

DRAFT: Tuesday, September 3rd starting 8pm EST 

PHI Griffins 
FFL Froglickers 
MIA Muffdivers 
BOB Big Bang 
MER Mustangs 
OCD Beach Dudes 
CHI Mud 
All other teams are eligible to protect 5 players. 

If you protect your full amount, you must protect one prospect — a prospect must have started 5 or fewer games the previous year. Prospect-eligible players are highlighted blue on the year-end spreadsheet from last year. 


Section 5.4 of the rules details player protections. 

The final spreadsheet (rosters) from last year: 

The “CPR” column on the spreadsheet is Consecutive Protections Remaining. Players with 0 CPR can only be protected with a team’s franchise tag. Each team has only one franchise tag to use each year. 

The draft board is also updated, included draft picks traded last year.